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What are the sizes and weights of the E8401A, E8403A, and E8404A?
Size and weight information is listed in Appendix A of the E8401A, E8403A User and Service manual.

FAQ 2004-06-28

E1300B: What is the difference between "Peak" and "Dynamic" current in a VXI mainframe?
Peak current is DC. Dynamic current is at 10 khz.

FAQ 2004-02-03

How many FireWire ports does the new OHCI, PC Plug-in card (E8491B Option 001) include?
The OHCI card includes 3 external FireWire ports.

FAQ 2002-09-17

Will Embedded PCs work in the E8408A?
The E623xA Embedded PCs work in the E8408A. The E9850A and E9851A Embedded PCs will not work in the E8408A and are not supported.

FAQ 2002-09-17

How do we define a 'Large Block' of data when talking about the E8491B (FireWire)?
We define large data blocks as including 64 kbytes or more.

FAQ 2002-09-17

What is the E8483A's circuit driving capability?

FAQ 2002-06-27

Is the E8482A terminated?

FAQ 2002-06-27

What Is the Allowed Powerline Variation on E1300/1?

FAQ 2002-06-27

What is the Maximum Switching Current of E8480A?

FAQ 2002-06-27

How Many Channels of 12A Can the E8480A Switch When Using the E8404A?

FAQ 2002-06-27

E1351/2/3/7/8 FET Mux Maximum Voltage Spec Clarified

FAQ 2002-06-27

What Are the E8481As Two Configurations vs. Bandwidth?

FAQ 2002-06-27