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What are the sizes and weights of the E8401A, E8403A, and E8404A?
Size and weight information is listed in Appendix A of the E8401A, E8403A User and Service manual.

FAQ 2004-06-28

E1330B: What is the difference between Model E1330B and Model E1458A?
Model E1330B has 4 ports; and the Model E1458A has 12 ports. The E1458A can input while outputting on a port.

FAQ 2004-06-15

E1458A: How do you configure the Model E1458A for open collector data outputs?
The "pull up enable switches" must be set to disable.

FAQ 2004-06-15

E1406A: Is there a way to control the E1406A from a LAN connection?
Use the E5810A LAN to GPIB converter.

FAQ 2004-06-15

E1411B: Why must "COM" be tied to "Low" on this Digital Volt Meter?
The "COM" connected to "LO" prevents intermittent overloads.

FAQ 2004-06-15

E1458A: Where can I find more information on the Model E1458A connector pin out assignments?
See Chapter 2 in the Model E1458A Users Manual

FAQ 2004-06-09

E1330B: What is the difference between Models E1330B, E1458A and E1451A/E1452A?
Models E1451A/E1452A have 64K card memory. Models E1330B and E1458A have only one memory location.

FAQ 2004-06-03

What is the difference between the E1330B and E1458A?
The E1330B has 4 ports, the E1458A has 12 ports. The E1458A can input while outputting on a port.

FAQ 2004-05-28

What is the difference between the old and new E1406A?
New E1406As have surface mount boards and maximum memory.

FAQ 2004-05-24

Can you do Bit IO on the E1458A?
You can read/write bits within 8, 16, 32, 64, or 96 bit wide transfers.

FAQ 2004-05-24

Can 3499 plug in modules work in the 3488A?
The 3499 modules with model numbers 444XA/B will work in the 3488A.

FAQ 2004-05-12

E1406A: Why might Model E1406A drivers disappear?
The drivers are in RAM and the battery voltage is low.

FAQ 2004-04-01

How to establish a multi-frame C-size VXI system.
Each frame is independant with its own slot 0 device (i.e. E1406A,E8491B) and unique address.

FAQ 2004-02-05

E1401B: What is the part number for a replacement power supply for the Model E1401B?
E1401-69203 refurbished, 0950-3704 new.

FAQ 2004-02-03

E1300B: What is the difference between "Peak" and "Dynamic" current in a VXI mainframe?
Peak current is DC. Dynamic current is at 10 khz.

FAQ 2004-02-03

E1418A: What is the Difference between the E1418A Sample Rate and Settling Time
The term "sample rate" is not usually used with a DAC like the E1418A that doesn't have on board memory and its own clock to clock out the individual values.

FAQ 2003-11-10

E1420B: The Hysterisis Specification
Hysterisis is programmable and is covered in the sensitivity specification. Hysterisis is discussed extensively in Chapter 4 of the E1420B User's Manual.

FAQ 2003-07-23

E1420B: Single Shot Time Interval Measurements
MEAS1:TINT? cannot make a single-shot TI measurement. Unfortunately, the manual does not document this very well.

FAQ 2003-07-23

E6432A: Application Programs for the Plug&Play Driver

FAQ 2002-10-10

HP E6432A: The National Instruments AT-MXI interface and MXI-1 slot 0 controller

FAQ 2002-10-10

E6432A: Equipment Needed To Generate Signals

FAQ 2002-10-10

HP E6432A: Using an HP E1406A VXI Controller to Operate the Synthesizer

FAQ 2002-10-10

HP E6432A: A24 Address Errors while using a NI PCI-MXI-2 Interface

FAQ 2002-10-10

HP E6432A: When the red

FAQ 2002-10-10

E6432A: Increasing Dwell Time

FAQ 2002-10-10

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