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EasyEXPERT group+ software (for PC)
EasyEXPERT group+ software (for PC)
Previous Versions

Computer Software Current Version: 6.1.1716.5160 | 2017-05-29

Firmware Update for E5260A/E5270B Series
You can download the latest firmware.
Previous Versions

Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: B.01.13 | 2015-01-02

E5270B VXI plug&play Driver & TIS Library
E5270B VXI plug&play Driver for external PC and E5270 TIS Library
Previous Versions

Driver Current Version: A.02.00 | 2011-12-19

Desktop EasyEXPERT Application Test: Basic IV measurement for the Keysight E5270B and E5260A series
Sample application test of the E5270B and E5260 Series switching matrix for the Desktop EasyEXPERT Software

Programming Example 2009-09-30

E5260/E5270 Programming Examples
Programming Examples for E5260A/E5262A/E5263A/E5270B. Described in Programming Guide, VXIplug&play Driver User's Guide, and E5270B TIS User's Guide.

Programming Example 2009-09-09

TIS Library for E5270A/B Series
You can download the latest TIS library for Keysight E5270A, E5270B, E5272A, and E5273A .

Programming Example 2004-03-20