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How to maintain 16195B?
The 16195B which consists of Open, Short, 50 Ω Load and Low-loss Capacitor terminations is calibration kit for LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer and Network Analyzer (NA). The 16195B itself does not have warranted specification as independent product. Maintenance of the 16195B depends on what instrument you calibrate with 16195B.

FAQ 2017-03-15

How should I set the "Adapter Setting" of the 4294A when using the 16089A/B/C/D/E?
Please set to "NONE".

FAQ 2015-06-09

Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?
Most Keysight products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2014-08-01

Can I order the replacement part of 16089E's clips?
When the clip is faulty, please proceed to place a new order on 16089E or purchase the spare Kelvin Clip Leads.

FAQ 2013-03-17

How do I upgrade my 16380C Capacitance Standard Set?
Information for hardware and software options upgrade

FAQ 2012-12-06

What resources does Keysight recommend to help facilitate learning proper impedance measurement techniques?

FAQ 2012-07-17

Can I use the 16092A with the 4395A/4396B/4287A/E4991A?
Yes, you can use the 16092A with the 4395A/4396B/4287A/E4991A.

FAQ 2012-05-10

Why is a negative D value sometimes displayed when a furnished PTFE plate is measured with the 16453A?
When resistance value of Short compensation data is too large, measured D value is overcompensated for the Short resistance and results in a negative value

FAQ 2012-04-08

How can the E4980A or the 4263B measure internal impedance of batteries?
Insert DC blocking capacitors between the measurement terminals and a battery DUT. The 16065C can substitute for the DC blocking capacitors.

FAQ 2011-06-07

What is the possible cause of the difference when the permittivity measured with the 16453A is different from the value previously obtained?
Most likely cause of the measurement discrepancy or drift is insufficient electrode pressure due to improper pressure adjustment.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Why is permeability measurement result unstable when a low permeability magnetic material or a thin magnetic material is measured with the 16454A?
It is because the impedance of the magnetic material inserted into the 16454A is too low for the impedance analyzer to measure it accurately.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Can the 16338A be used with LCR meters such as the 4263B and the E4980A?
No, the 16338A Test Lead Set doesn’t have compatibility with LCR meters. The 16338A can be used with the 4338A/B only.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Can the 42941A probe be used with any RF test fixture adapter?
No, the 42941A does not have any test fixture adapter available for connecting the probe to an RF component test fixture.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Can the 42941A probe be substituted for discontinued 41941A/B probe?
No, the 42941A cannot be substituted for the discontinued 41941A/B and doesn’t have compatibility with old 4194A analyzer.

FAQ 2011-06-07

How should a DC blocking capacitor be inserted between the 42941A probe and a DUT when a live DC voltage exists on the device?
It is recommended to insert a SMA DC blocking adapter between the furnished pin probe and 3.5-mm connector at the tip of the 42941A.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Why isn't calibration option (UK6) available for the 42941A?
The 42941A does not have calibration option because the 4294A specifies total measurement accuracy including the 4294A accuracy.

FAQ 2010-07-12

E4991A-002/4291A/B-002 with 16454A: Why is impedance measurement value different from the value calculated from permeability?
Error compensation in the permeability measurement firmware produces the difference between measured impedance and permeability.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Can the cylindrical insulator reduce the effect of magnetic coupling between the inductive DUT and the outer conductor of the 16196A/B/C/D fixtures...
Yes, but the effect of reducing the magnetic coupling effect is not sufficient and depends on the DUT.

FAQ 2010-07-02

How can I connect a test fixture to the measurement terminals of the E4980A when the stopper at the rear of the fixture disturbs the connection?
Remove the stopper from the test fixture by removing a screw at the center of the plastic stopper. Otherwise, remove the front rubber guide from the E4980A.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Do the coaxial Short and 50 Ω Load terminations for the 42941A have accuracy specifications?
No, both the coaxial Short and 50 Ω Load standard terminations for the 42941A do not have accuracy specifications.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Can I have criteria or a list of non-applicable liquid materials for the 16452A?
Avoid measuring acidic, alkaline and ionic materials with the 16452A.

FAQ 2010-07-02

How can I replace the contact tip of the 16334A?
The replacement contact tip is orderable by part number 16334-09002.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Is there any effective way to measure the impedance of a pressure sensitive SMD component (ex. a ferrite bead) with the 16196 series or 16197A test...
In order to measure a pressure sensitive device, the pressure applied to the DUT by the test fixture needs to be carefully controlled.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Why is Rp or G measurement value unstable when pure water is measured with the 16452A?
There are two conceivable causes of unstable measurement results. One of primary causes is a change in temperature of pure water sample measured. The other is a slight pollution which resides on the electrode surfaces.

FAQ 2010-07-02

What are the precautions when using the 4284A LCR Meter with the 42841A Bias Current Source and the 42842A/B Fixtures?

FAQ 2010-05-12

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