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Measuring Power MOSFET Electrical Characteristics using the B1505A
This application note explains how to use the B1505A to measure the typical DC and capacitance parameters of power MOSFET devices.

Application Note 2011-08-22

AN B1505A-4 Direct Power MOSFET Capacitance Measurement at 3,000 V
This application note describes direct capacitance measurement at a 3,000 V bias voltage by using the Keysight B1505A.

Application Note 2011-01-10

AN B1500-17 A Complete CMOS Reliability Test Solution
This application note gives an overview of the B1500A's key measurement features and shows how the B1500A is a complete solution for verifying CMOS process reliability.

Application Note 2010-06-08

AN B1500A-2 Migrating from the Keysight 4155C and 4156C to the Keysight B1500A
This application note presents the B1500A's major features with EasyEXPERT 4.0 software and explains the differences and similarities with respect to the 4155C and 4156C.

Application Note 2010-04-02

AN B1500-16 A Complete Solution for CMOS Device Electrical Characterization
This application note gives an overview of the B1500A's key features and it goes on to show how the B1500A is a complete solution for CMOS device electrical characterization.

Application Note 2010-03-24

AN B1500-15 Ultra Low Current DC MOSFET Characterization at the Wafer Level
This application note describes how to precisely evaluate sub-threshold characteristics of a MOSFET device using B1500A’s ultra low current measurement capability

Application Note 2010-03-23

AN B1505-3 Precision Power Device Evaluation at 40 Amps
This application note introduces 40A IV measurement application for power devices by using two HCSMUs installed in the B1505A.

Application Note 2010-02-24

AN B1505-2 Next Generation Curve Tracer Revolutionizes Failure Analysis
This application note describes how the B1505A enable for checking device operation and failure analysis using curve tracer mode.

Application Note 2010-01-08

AN B1505-1 Accurate and Efficient Characterization of Power Devices at 3000 V/20 A
This application note describes how to perform accurate and efficient characterization of power devices up to 3000 V/20 A by using the B1505A.

Application Note 2009-11-18

PN B1500-1 Pulse/arbitrary waveform generator with integrated measurement capabilities
The Keysight B1530A WGFMU is a pulse/arbitrary waveform generator with fast current or voltage sampling capabilities. This product note introduces various measurement applications enabled by unique features of the WGFMU.

Application Note 2009-10-16

Product Note B1505A-1 Creating Custom Socket Modules
This product note describes the procedure to develop custom socket modules for B1505A Power Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer to measure packaged power devices such as SMD which are not supported by an inline package.

Application Note 2009-09-09

AN B1500-14 IV and CV Characterizations of Solar/Photovoltaic Cells Using the B1500A
This application note shows how the B1500A can be used to evaluate a variety of solar cell types.

Application Note 2009-08-07

AN B1500-13 Measuring Pulsed/Transient Electrical Properties of OTFTs
This 12-page application note describes how to measure pulsed / transient electrical property of OTFT without additional measurement instruments.

Application Note 2009-05-18

TO B1500A Easy High Power Pulsed IV Measurement Using the Keysight B1500A’s HV-SPGU Module
This document describes the high power pulsed IV measurement using the B1525A high voltage semiconductor pulse generator unit for B1500A semiconductor device analyzer mainframe.

Application Note 2009-04-01

AN B1500-12 1 micro second IV Characterization of Flash Memory Cells Using the Keysight B1530A
This application note describes how the B1530A WGFMU can be used to solve the measurement challenges faced when performing high speed IV characterization of flash memory cells.

Application Note 2009-03-05

Multifrequency C-V Measurements of Semiconductors (AN 369-5)
The Keysight 4284A has a DC bias capability of +/- 40V and a wide frequency cover age of 20 Hz - 1 MHz, which enable us to make semiconductor C-V measurements.

Application Note 2008-12-10

AN B1500A-10 Ultra-Fast 1 us NBTI Characterization Using the Keysight B1500A's WGFMU Module
This application note explains how the B1500's WGFMU module provides solutions that meet the needs of ultra-fast NBTI measurement.

Application Note 2008-08-31

High Speed Modeling System with IC-CAP
Keysight has new modeling system configurations that meet the needs of advanced semiconductor processes.

Application Note 2008-08-21

Total Analysis Environment for Modeling
Keysight IC-CAP is flexible and high-performance software that is capable of accurate device characterization, analysis, and easy measurement, and these capabilities take on importance for today's semiconductor modeling.

Application Note 2008-08-21

AN B1500A-9 Improving Flash Memory Cell Characterization Using the Keysight B1500A
This application note describes how the B1500A HV-SPGU module meets the needs of advanced NVM cell testing and how it can dramatically reduce test times.

Application Note 2008-05-28

AN B1500A-8 Multi-Channel Parallel Timing-on-the-fly NBTI Characterization Using Keysight B1500A
This four-page application note details how to implement the parallel NBTI using the B1500A by showing a preparation of the device setup for parallel testing.

Application Note 2007-04-01

AN B1500A-7 Using the Keysight B1500A with a Nanoprober to Perform Failure Analysis
This application note introduces a new failure analysis technique that use nanoprobes and B1500A.

Application Note 2006-11-04

AN B1500A-6 Accurate NBTI Characterization Using Timing-on-the-Fly Sampling Mode
This four-page application note details how the B1500A and Keysight's timing-on-the-fly NBTI test method solves many of the problems associated with traditional NBTI test methods.

Application Note 2006-10-01

Technical Overview :Technique for Controlling Keysight External DC Power Supply
Technique for Controlling Keysight External DC Power Supply From SMU to expand SMU output power capability.

Application Note 2006-08-01

AN B1500A-3 IV and CV Measurement Using the Keysight B1500A MFCMU and SCUU
This application note describes how to make current-voltage and capacitance-voltage measurements using the B1500A multifrequency capacitance measurement unit and SMU CMU unify unit.

Application Note 2005-08-01

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