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EasyEXPERT group+ Advanced NVM Application Tests User's Guide
This document describes the overview of how to use the Advance NVM (ReRAM, PCRAM and FeRAM) characterization application tests of Keysight EasyEXPERT group+ software.

User Manual 2019-06-30

B2901A/02A/11A/12A Precision Source/Measure Unit (SMU) - Product Fact Sheet
The B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure unit is the best solution for a broad range of IV measurements. It has innovative GUI for quickly evaluating the input/output characteristics of DUTs.

Brochure 2019-06-18

Upgrade Your B1500A Series Mainframe with Windows 10 - Technical Overview
Windows XP support ended in 2014, and the support of Windows Embedded 7 ends October 2020. The Keysight B1500A/B1505A/B1506A mainframe upgrade kit is available to migrate from Windows Embedded XP/7 to Windows 10. The upgrade is available for all mainframes.

Technical Overview 2019-06-04

PD1000A Power Device Measurement System for Advanced Modeling - Solution Brochure
Keysight’s innovative PD1000A suite of design and power circuit simulator tools let wide bandgap device designers easily create models and test EV power converters for faster market opportunity.

Brochure 2019-05-10

PD1500A Dynamic Power Device Analyzer/Double Pulse Tester - Data Sheet

Data Sheet 2019-05-03

B2900A Precision Source/Measure Unit SCPI Command Reference
Contains reference information to help you program Keysight B2900 over the remote interface using the SCPI programming language.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2019-03-31

B2900A Precision Source/Measure Unit User’s Guide
Describes the front panel operation, installation, and functions of Keysight B2900.

User Manual 2019-03-31

B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure Unit - Data Sheet
Keysight B2900A Series Precision Source / Measure Units are cost-effective source/measurement solutions offering superior performance and a best-in-class graphical user interface.

Data Sheet 2019-03-29

Bipolar Transistor Characterization Using the B2900A Series of SMUs - Application Note
This application note describes the characterization of Bipolar transistors using the B2900a precision source/measure units.

Application Note 2019-03-26

B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure Unit - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide has step-by-step instructions to help you configure an SMU and its related accessories to meet specific test requirements.

Configuration Guide 2019-03-25

Design and Test Solutions for Electro Mobility (E-Mobility) Applications - Solution Brief
This guide explores the electro mobility landscape, and the new design and test challenges and solutions to help bring disruptive technologies for e-mobility to reality faster.

Solution Brief 2019-03-11

Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) Measurement of Advanced MOSFET using B1500A WGFMU Module - Application
This application note describes random telegraph noise (RTN) measurement in advanced MOSFETs using the B1500A’s WGFMU module and shows actual measurement examples.

Application Note 2019-02-26

B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer - Data Sheet
The Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer is a modular instrument with a ten-slot configuration that supports both IV and CV measurements. Its familiar MS Windows user interface supports Keysight’s new EasyEXPERT software, which provides a new, more intuitive task-oriented approach to device characterization. Because of its extremely low-current, low-voltage, and integrated capacitance measurement capabilities, the Keysight B1500A can be used for a wide range of semiconductor device characterization needs.

Data Sheet 2018-12-14

Laser Diode Characterization and Its Challenges
This white paper discusses the laser diode characterization and the challenges the test engineer faces.

Application Note 2018-10-29

Test the Future, Today.
Create tomorrow’s automotive smart mobility and e-mobility technologies today, with design and test solutions from Keysight.

Solution Brief 2018-10-19

B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer - Technical Overview
This technical overview describes the complete device characterization solution covering measurement needs from basic IV and CV to ultra-fast pulsed and transient IV measurement using the B1500A semiconductor device analyzer.

Technical Overview 2018-09-28

LIV Test of VCSEL for 3D Sensing - Application Note
This application note explains what the challenges on an LIV characterization is, how the Keysight B2900A SMU can overcome them, and show examples to make LIV measurements using the B2900A Series.

Application Note 2018-07-02

Wide Range of Resistance Measurement Solutions from µΩ to PΩ - Application Note
This application note introduces keysight's resistance measurement solution, and discuss major error factors in resistance measurements and how to eliminate those error factors.

Application Note 2018-06-06

Energy Ecosystem – Technologies driving the future of e-Mobility - White Paper
One of the hottest markets fueling e-mobile applications is the electric car market which is seeing expotential growth worldwide. Keysight is confident of providing both the depth and breadth of test

Application Note 2018-05-23

Accelerate the development of Next Generation Non-Volatile Memory - Application Brief
You can accelerate the development of next generation non voltile memory; CX3300 series for visualizing the fast switching characteristics, B1500A for basic IV,CV,pulsed IV and reliability testing.

Application Note 2018-04-09

A Source/Measurement Unit Based Teaching Lab Solution Package for MEMS Technologies
This 2-page introduces the Keysight B2902A/12A Source/Measure Unit based Teaching Lab Solution Package for MEMS Technologies.

Application Note 2018-03-15

Diode Production Test Using the B2900A Series of SMUs - Application Note
This application note shows how to use the Keysight B2900A Series Precision SMU for production diode test, in addition to the features that make it well-adapted for production test.

Application Note 2018-03-08

30 V-1 A Pulsed IV Measurement Using the Keysight B1500-A’s 50 μs pulsed MCSMU - Technical Overview
This technical overview describes the key features of B1500A's 50 us pulsed MCSMU up to 30V/1A.

Technical Overview 2018-03-02

PD1000A Power Device Measurement System for Advanced Modeling - Startup Guide
Startup Guide for the PD1000A Power Device Measurement System for Advanced Modeling. Covers hardware installation and setup. Introduces the PD1000A Control Software.

User Manual 2018-02-01

PD1000A Power Device Bias T for S-Parameter Measurements Operating Guide
Operating Guide for the PD1000A Power Device Measurement System for Advanced Modeling Bias T Networks.

Operation Manual 2018-02-01


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