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Can Y-Applications and V-Applications co-exist on the same E6640A EXM?
Yes, you may have both Y-Apps and V-Apps on the same EXM.

FAQ 2015-02-27

Do Y-Applications give me direct connectivity between Signal Studio and my EXM?
Direct connectivity from Signal Studio to the EXM is coming in a future release.

FAQ 2015-02-27

What is the difference between the V-Applications and the Y-Applications?
The Y-Apps include the ability to run an unlimited number of waveforms for the technology purchased. The V-Apps allow waveform playback based on installation of waveform license “packs” of 5 & 50 licenses.

FAQ 2015-02-27

8960 Test and Lab Application - Annual Contract Subscription
This page provides a single source of test and lab application software downloads for those on the Annual Contract for the 8960 test set (E6720A). If you’re not yet on the Annual Contract and would like to be, contact your local sales representative for details.

FAQ 2015-01-19

How can the E6650A EXF sequencer help to accelerate my testing speed?
The sequence analyzer is an evolution from traditional measurement method.

FAQ 2014-09-08

Wireless Solutions Software Access
Instructions and downloads for the Wireless Solutions Software: E6965A, E6966A and N5972A

FAQ 2014-08-04

Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?
Most Keysight products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2014-08-01

Why does my USB 3.0 device not work correctly on my E6640A, EXM Wireless Test Set? All my USB 2.0 devices work correctly.
Details about a driver download found here...

FAQ 2014-02-28

How can I get 8960 Lab Application Annual Contract Subscription Release Downloads?
Get the latest downloads here

FAQ 2013-02-28

How do I make measurements with the 8960 (E5515C/E)?
Keysight 8960 Online User's Guides

FAQ 2013-01-18

How do I get the manuals and release notes for the 8960 (E5515C/E)?
Online User's Guide Index

FAQ 2013-01-18

How does the 8960 & E1961A AMPS/136 Mobile Test Application compare to the 8920B?
This comparison table indicates the ....

FAQ 2012-03-02

Why is the measured PCS band PvT mask position -6 dBc for -10 us, Mobile Station Transmit power levels 11-15, instead of following the ETSI 11.10 s...

FAQ 2012-03-02

What 8960 settings might I need to change from the default power-on state to get my W-CDMA mobile to connect on a call?
W-CDMA is a very flexible technology that requires the UE firmware, 8960 settings, and uSIM values to be consistent. If you are experiencing difficulty with Location Update, Authentication, or Call Connection, try some of these settings, one at a ...

FAQ 2012-03-02

Is a W-CDMA Test uSIM included with the W-CDMA TA and LA?
The W-CDMA Test uSIM is included with the E6703C W-CDMA Lab Application. It is not included with E1963A Test Application.

FAQ 2012-03-02

Is there an advantage when purchasing the E6569 WTM Suite over purchasing the individual products separately?
The price of the suite is much lower than purchasing all the WTM separately. The other difference is that the Suite is licensed for a single PC and ships with one security key. More...

FAQ 2012-03-01

In Help, why are some features not documented? There are also some screenshots of the User Interface in Help that do not match my WTM.
Do you have more than one WTM loaded on your PC? Did you install an older WTM after the newer version? This can overwrite Help and Language Table files. More...

FAQ 2012-02-24

How do I install the license for my Graphical Measurement Application (GMA) N4017A software?
When you redeem your N4017A entitlement certificate at http:///find/softwarelicense, you must decide if you wish to lock the software to an N4010A test set or to a PC.

FAQ 2010-09-15

E1961A - How do I measure DTMF tone frequencies?

FAQ 2009-12-24

Is there an antenna coupler to connect a GSM mobile phone to the 8960 (E5515B/C) wireless test set for testing?
You may use the E6392-60002 antenna coupler to connect GSM mobile phone to the 8960 (E5515B/C) wireless test set for measurement.

FAQ 2009-12-24

Is a special type of GPRS Test SIM card required to test GPRS mobile stations with the 8960?

FAQ 2009-12-24

What versions of hardware and Test or Lab Applications are compatible with each other?
E5515C hardware and application revisions should meet the requirements outlined in the Secure Features tables.

FAQ 2008-07-30

What is the part number of the Keysight WCDMA TEST uSIM?
The part number of the USIM changes periodically, it can be found at /find/usim.

FAQ 2007-02-23

Can I use the WCDMA Test uSIM supplied by another SIM supplier with E5515C?
Yes, any other uSIM may be used.

FAQ 2006-02-06

How do I use the Increment Set Key on the E5515C?
The Increment Set Key is not supported at this time.

FAQ 2006-01-05

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