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What's New in WaferPro Express 2019 Update 1.0
Overview of what's new in WaferPro Express 2019 Update 1.0.

Training Materials 2019-06-18

2019 Keysight EEsof EDA Training Course Calendar
Scheduled Keysight EEsof courses for the United States and Canada

Classroom Training

Innovations in EDA Webcast Library
EEsof EDA series of webcasts, upcoming and recorded


High Speed Digital Design Seminar: New features and capabilities of ADS 2019 U1 for DDR and SerDes
High Speed Digital Design Seminar: New features and capabilities of ADS 2019 Update 1 for DDR and SerDes

Seminar Materials 2019-04-10

Keysight EEsof EDA Customer Education and Services
Brief overview of Keysight EDA Customer Education and Services.

Training Materials 2019-04-06

Understanding X-Parameters
This three-day, hands-on course presents the fundamentals of X-parameters, their application for non-linear amplifiers and advantanges over other behavioral modeling techniques.

Classroom Training

This course teaches the basics of using SystemVue for digital signal processing and system architecture design.

Classroom Training

Advanced EM Simulation Topics in ADS
This modular 3 day training course covers advanced topics related to the use of the Momentum and FEM integrated into ADS.

Classroom Training

EMPro Fundamentals
The EMPro course teaches users how to efficiently create three-dimensional models using an advanced mechanical CAD front end and set these up for either FEM or FDTD electromagnetic analysis.

Classroom Training

ADS Fundamentals
This medium-paced, 3-day course provides detailed training for the application of Advanced Design System for Circuit and System Simulation, including some EM and Layout. Each day can also be taken separately.

Classroom Training

N3525A1 - Using Advanced Design System, DAY ONE - Online via WebEx
This is the on-line WebEx version of the Day 1 standard ADS Course. Day 1 covers workspaces and simulation tools. This course will be taught in 2 consecutive days, 4 hours per day via WebEx.

Classroom Training

ADS Fundamentals Class
ADS Fundamentals Classes in Germany, France and UK

Classroom Training

EM for Your RF/Microwave Circuit Designs Workshop
Materials for the EM for Your RF/Microwave Circuit Designs Workshop.

Seminar Materials 2019-02-05

Solving Power Integrity & Signal Integrity Design Challenges Seminar
Solving Power Integrity & Signal Integrity Design Challenges Seminar

Seminar Materials 2018-12-20

Genesys Fundamentals Class
Genesys Learning Week in Germany and France

Classroom Training

Designing Switched-Mode Power Supplies in the High di/dt Era Seminar
The increasing demand for reliable, low cost, high power density power electronics is driving up the edge speed (di/dt) of switched mode power supplies. In this high di/dt era, layout parasitics become increasingly troublesome. Traditional design techniques are not adequate. A new methodology that adds post-layout design and simulation is required. In this seminar, we will present four papers that address these challenges.

Seminar Materials 2018-10-11

Events - US and Canada Tradeshows, Seminars, Webinars
Calendar of upcoming events


Discrete Oscillator Design Tools and Techniques Webcast
Original broadcast Sept. 16, 2010

Webcast - recorded

Tutorials in Signal Integrity - Webcast Library
Upcoming, live webcasts and past, on-demand webcasts.


Designing Phased Arrays With Confidence Webcast
Recorded broadcast May 3, 2018

Webcast - recorded

Decoupling Capacitor Optimization for Power Integrity Webcast
Original broadcast March 29, 2018

Webcast - recorded

Genesys Fundamentals
3-day, hands-on course based on the Keysight EEsof Genesys software

Classroom Training

SI/PI PCB Design Considerations for Thermal Webcast
Original broadcast January 25, 2018

Webcast - recorded

What’s New In ADS 2017
Original broadcast January 11, 2018

Webcast - recorded

Mastering Signal Integrity & Power Integrity Design Seminar
Mastering Signal Integrity & Power Integrity Design Seminar

Seminar Materials 2018-01-03

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