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Calculating Real Time S-Parameter and Power Uncertainty - Application Note
This application note shows how to use Keysight’s innovative real time uncertainty VNA software option (S93015B) to determine the uncertainty of your S-parameter and power measurements.

Nota de aplicación 2019-06-26

Drive Down the Cost of Test Using the ENA Series Vector Network Analyzers - Application Note
Discussion of the contributions of the Keysight ENA series vector network analyzer to drive down the cost of test in production lines. Including an in depth analysis of the total cost of ownership.

Nota de aplicación 2019-06-04

NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1 Field Measurements and SLA Verification - Application Note
This application note introduces new Cellular IoT (CIoT) technologies and describes the importance of NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1 field testing and SLA verification.

Nota de aplicación 2019-05-16

Signal Integrity Analysis Series Part 1: Single-Port TDR, TDR/TDT, and 2-Port TDR - Application Note
This Application Note focuses on part 1: those which use a single-port TDR, those which use TDR/TDT, and those which use 2-port TDR.

Nota de aplicación 2019-04-25

How TestOps Speeds Electronic Design and Test - White Paper
TestOps speeds electronic design and test by reducing time-to-market and enhancing team collaboration and productivity. Similar to DevOps, TestOps is not a new technology, but a new way to work.

Nota de aplicación 2019-04-11

Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis - Application Note 1287-1
This application note explores the fundamental principles of vector network analysis. The discussion includes the common parameters (S-parameters). RF fundamentals such as transmission lines and the Smith chart will also be reviewed.

Nota de aplicación 2019-04-04

TDECQ Part II, Manufacturing Test Recommendations - White Paper
An overview of how to make a compliant TDECQ measurement on a PAM4 optical transmitter

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-29

TDECQ Testing or PAM4 Optical Transceivers - White Paper
An overview of how to make a compliant TDECQ measurement on a PAM4 optical transmitter

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-26

Removing Time-To-Market Barriers for Design and Test Engineers
Keysight survey reveals data sharing enabled by an integrated product development solution significantly improves time-to-market across the entire product development workflow.

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-26

Measuring ACLR Performance in LTE Transmitters - Application Note
This note focuses on the adjacent channel leakage-power ratio (ACLR) test, a vital one for LTE.

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-25

Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy - The Y-Factor Method - Application Note
Specific to instruments that use the Y-factor method for noise figure measurements, this app note discusses measurement basics, avoidable errors, loss and temperature corrections, and uncertainties.

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-19

Importing a MATLAB Waveform into Genesys
This application note shows you the quick and easy process of importing a MATLAB waveform into Genesys.

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-11

Making Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements - Application Note
This application note provides an overview of radiated and conducted emissions measurements as well as a methodology for EMI precompliance testing.

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-08

Simulating FPGA Power Integrity Using S-Parameter Models - Application Note
This application note describes how self-impedance (frequency) can easily be determined by simulating the frequency domain self-impedance profile of a Power Distribution Network (PDN).

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-07

SMM EMPro - Application Note
This application note that describes electromagnetic (EM) simulations using Keysight Technologies’ EMPro software1 to support the interpretation of scanning microwave microscope (SMM) experiments.

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-07

Making Better Models with User Data
This paper details the process of combining MATLAB and the RF System analysis to improve the accuracy of simulations via personalized models.

Nota de aplicación 2019-03-05

The Future of Design and Simulation Workflows
While design engineers are facing many challenges, the most pressing are in the areas of data sharing and analysis. This report underscores the need for a new way to connect design and test data across the workflow.

Nota de aplicación 2019-02-22

Designing and Testing 3GPP W-CDMA Base Stations (Including Femtocells) - Application Note
W-CDMA is one of several wideband digital cellular technologies competing for the third-generation (3G) cellular market.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-30

Using Vector Modulation Analysis to Analyze Complex Signals - Application Note
To address your dynamic measurement needs, Keysight offers dedicated signal analysis applications for 5G NR, LTE-Advanced Pro (including NB-IoT/eMTC), WLAN 802.11ax along with general-purpose measurement applications for analysis of both standards-based signals and customized propriety signals.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-30

USB 2.0 Compliance Testing with Infiniium Oscilloscopes - Application Note
This Application Note discusses the solution for the USB 2.0 test suite. The Keysight solution is the only one-box solution that uses the official USB-IF scripts for precompliance ans compliance testing.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-29

Extensible VEE Object (EVO) Developer's Guideline - Application Note
Keysight VEE provides a way to extend Keysight VEE functionality by introducing Extensible VEE Object (EVO). Each EVO has its own GUI control and execution behavior, and is similar to generic VEE object.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-28

Evaluating Oscilloscope Bandwidths for Your Application - Application Note
How much bandwidth does your oscilloscope really need? Learn how to choose the correct bandwidth oscilloscope for your application.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-01

Testing is Critical for Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles - White Paper
The autonomous vehicle combines various connected car technologies such as sensors, computers, and software which need rigorous testing to ensure conformance to safety and performance standards.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-28

Field Testing in 5G NR - White Paper

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-01

Why Autonomous Driving Systems Will Require Automotive Ethernet - White Paper
Automotive Ethernet provides the new backbone for faster automotive networks to serve autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) which need higher bandwidth and lower latency.

Nota de aplicación 2018-10-25

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