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Agilent Technologies Announces Wireless Communications Test Set with Innovative Multiport Adapter
Agilent Technologies introduced the E6607B EXT wireless communications test set and companion E6617A multiport adapter. Optimized for non-signaling testing, the EXT/MPA combination increases test throughput and reduces the cost of test in the manufacturing of current- and next-generation smartphones and tablets that contain multiformat and multiband technologies.

Press Materials 2012-08-01

Agilent Technologies Introduces 6-GHz Signal Generators with Industry-Best Performance
Today's aerospace/defense environment requires enhanced radar performance to detect weak signals at long distances. To provide the pure and precise signals needed to test these designs, the MXG uses an innovative triple-loop synthesizer to deliver phase noise performance of -146 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz and 20 kHz offset. For developers of radar components such as mixers and analog-to-digital converters, the MXG also features industry-leading spurious performance of -96 dBc at 1 GHz.

Press Materials 2012-05-01

Agilent Technologies Recognized for Leadership in LTE and WiMAX™ Test Equipment Market

Press Materials 2009-12-15

2009 World Market Share Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Agilent Technologies for its Dominance of the WiMAX and LTE Test Equipment Market

Press Materials 2009-12-09

Agilent Technologies Equipment Used to Test First Mobile WiMAX Forum®-Certified Products in China La

Press Materials 2009-08-31

Agilent Technologies Announces New Functional Test Features for its E6651A Mobile WiMAX™ Test Set Fa

Press Materials 2009-04-28

Agilent Technologies Adds Network Conformance Test to its E6651A Mobile WiMAX™ Test Portfolio

Press Materials 2009-02-16

Agilent Technologies Delivers First Real-Time LTE Base Station Test for R&D Engineers

Press Materials 2009-02-16

Agilent Technologies' MIMO/Multi-Port Connectivity Option Turns Wireless Networking Test Set into 'M

Press Materials 2009-02-16

Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry-First End-to-End DigRF V4 Measurement Solution for Mobile

Press Materials 2008-10-01

Agilent Technologies to Demonstrate Comprehensive Lineup of Fixed, Mobile WiMAX™ Test Solutions a

Press Materials 2008-10-01

Agilent Technologies' New PXB MIMO Receiver Tester Transforms MIMO Test for R&D Engineers

Press Materials 2008-10-01

Agilent Technologies Announces Manufacturing Test Support for WiMAX™ Devices Based on PMC-Sierra'

Press Materials 2008-09-30

Agilent Technologies, Altair Semiconductor to Help Manufacturers Speed Development of Mobile WiMAX™

Press Materials 2008-09-29

Agilent Technologies' Firmware Update for its Mobile WiMAX™ Test Set Enables Faster Data

Press Materials 2008-09-25

Agilent Technologies Enhances Full Drive Test Functionality with Industry's Smallest WiMAX™ Scann

Press Materials 2008-08-28

Agilent Technologies' New Software Options Provide Full Drive Test Functionality on Handheld Ultra M

Press Materials 2008-08-25

Agilent Technologies' New Software Options Provide Full Drive Test Functionality

Press Materials 2008-08-25

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Agilent Technologies to Demonstrate WiMAX™ Test Solutions at 2008 Europe WIMAX Forum(r) Congress

Press Materials 2008-06-17

Agilent Technologies' New Attenuation Control Units Aid in WiMAX™, WLAN Device Testing

Press Materials 2008-06-11

Agilent Technologies Wins Contract from Sequans Communications for Mobile WiMAX(tm) Protocol Conform

Press Materials 2008-06-10

Agilent Technologies Introduces Multiformat WiMAX(tm)/WLAN Test and WiMAX Chipset Software for Mobil

Press Materials 2008-06-09

Agilent Technologies' Wireless Network Optimization Platform Selected by ITRI for WiMAX™ Network

Press Materials 2008-05-19

Agilent Technologies Announces Expanded RF/Mixed-Signal Simulation Coverage for Wireless Communicati

Press Materials 2008-04-22

Agilent Technologies Test Solution Selected by Universal Scientific Industrial to Fulfill Mobile

Press Materials 2008-04-15

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