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Understanding GSM/EDGE Transmitter and Receiver Measurements for Base Transceiver Stations (AN 1312)
This 36-page application note presents the fundamental RF parametric measurements necessary to characterize GSM/EDGE base transceiver stations and their components.

Application Note 2002-08-24

Testing GPRS signaling
General Packet Radio Services (GPRS), is a new technology for GSM networks that will allow GPRS-compatible handsets to transfer data at much higher rates than the current 9.6 or 14.4 kb/s available to GSM handsets.

Application Note 2002-08-15

Testing and Troubleshooting Digital RF Communications Receiver Designs (AN 1314)
This Application Note covers the fundamental measurement principles involved in testing and troubleshooting digital communications receivers, particularly those used in digital RF cellular systems. Measurement setups are provided for receiver performance tests and troubleshooting tips are given.

Application Note 2002-03-25

Testing and Troubleshooting Digital RF Communications Transmitter Designs (AN 1313)
This Application Note covers the following 3 topics: 1) How digital communications transmitters work, 2) Essential transmitter tests and important test equipment characteristics, and 3) Troubleshooting techniques for common impairments.

Application Note 2002-01-08

GPRS Testing: Why and How? (AN 1384)
This document is intended to highlight conflicts of interest surrounding GPRS test in the mobile phone industry and give an insight into some of the technical difficulties encountered in the transition from GSM to GPRS mobile phone production.

Application Note 2002-01-01

Get Measurement Accuracy and Repeatability with the Keysight 8960 Series Test Set - Application Note
Achieve true cost-reduction benefits with fast measurements that are accurate and repeatable. Table of contents What Keysight specifications mean How Keysight 8960 specifications are determined Environmental effects Measurement uncertainty Measured performance of the test...

Application Note 2001-11-05

GSM - Using the Dynamic Power Measurement to Measure Mobile Station Power Control Levels w/SACCH TX
E1960A GSM mobile test application - Using the Dynamic Power Measurement to Measure Mobile Station Power Control Levels When Using SACCH TX Level Signaling.

Application Note 2001-09-01

Using the ESG-D Series of RF Signal Generators and the 8922 GSM Test Set for GSM - Product Note
The ESG series RF signal generators provides precise frequency and level control, modulation (AM, FM, Phase Modulation and Pulse Modulation), and a choice of frequency coverage.

Application Note 2001-05-29

Understanding General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) (AN 1377)
In response to customer demand for wireless Internet access and as a stepping-stone to 3G networks many GSM operators are rolling out general packet radio service(GPRS).This technology increases the data rates of existing GSM networks,allowing transport of packet based data.

Application Note 2001-03-22

Edge Technology Training

Application Note 2001-02-14

Measuring EDGE Signals - New & Modified Techniques and Measurement Requirements

Application Note 2000-10-01

Examine GMSK Modulation in GSM and PCN Mobile Communications Systems (AN 1200-11)
Current analog mobile communications systems have reached capacity limits in several large population centers. Future systems will utilize Time Division Multiple Access techniques to increase capacity. These new digital modulation techniques are difficult to characterize using conventional test...

Application Note 2000-09-01

A Software Algorithm for Implementing Automatic Power Ranging in the 8960 Series 10 Wireless...
This Product Note presents a software algorithm for performing automatic power ranging in the Keysight 8960 Series 10 wireless communications test set with the Keysight E1960A GSM mobile test application installed. Keysight E1960A GSM mobile test application revisions, up to and including, A.01.04...

Application Note 1999-04-01


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