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Integrate and Verify Protocol Wireless Data Devices
Using Keysight Wireless Protocol Test Solutions, E6900A Wireless Test Set and Protocol Applications, E5515C Wireless Test Set and Lab Applications.

Notes d’application 2002-12-05

Using Battery Drain Analysis to Improve Mobile-Device Operating Time
Using specialized tools and analysis techniques can help you create mobile-device designs that extend battery life.

Notes d’application 2002-09-19

Testing and Troubleshooting Digital RF Communications Transmitter Designs (AN 1313)
This Application Note covers the following 3 topics: 1) How digital communications transmitters work, 2) Essential transmitter tests and important test equipment characteristics, and 3) Troubleshooting techniques for common impairments.

Notes d’application 2002-01-08

Get Measurement Accuracy and Repeatability with the Keysight 8960 Series Test Set - Application Note
Achieve true cost-reduction benefits with fast measurements that are accurate and repeatable. Table of contents What Keysight specifications mean How Keysight 8960 specifications are determined Environmental effects Measurement uncertainty Measured performance of the test...

Notes d’application 2001-11-05

Investigating Bluetooth Modules: The First Step in Enabling Your Device with a Wireless Link
This Application Note is designed for vendors or manufacturers who plan to add a wireless link to their products by installing commercially-available, pre-built Bluetooth® modules into them.

Notes d’application 2001-09-30

New Generation Analyzer Offers Exceptional and Powerful Analysis Functions for RF...(PN E4991A-1)
This Product Note describes the key technology of RF impedance measurement, today's RF component evaluation methodologies and advanced features of the E4991A product.

Notes d’application 2001-05-24

Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements (AN 64-1C)
This Application Note is for information only. Keysight no longer sells or supports these products.

Notes d’application 2001-04-16

Measuring Bit Error Rate Using the Keysight ESG-D Series RF Signal Generators Option UN7
As digital communication technologies continue to evolve, the measurement of bit error rate (BER) increases in importance. BER is used in a variety of applications, such as sensitivity and selectivity measurements for receivers, components, or subsystem characterization. To keep pace with...

Notes d’application 2000-12-08

89410A and 89440A Vector Signal Analyzer Characterization of Digital Communications Channels
Accurate measurements of channel imperfections are important to the designers and operators of digital communication systems.

Notes d’application 2000-11-01

HPSK Spreading for 3G (AN 1335)
The objective of this Application Note is to provide an overview of Hybrid Phase Shift Keying (HPSK) and explain how to start making modulation quality measurements on the reverse link (uplink) of 3G spread-spectrum systems.

Notes d’application 2000-11-01

Using EVM Measurements to Analyze and Troubleshoot Vector-Modulated Signals (PN 89400-14)
This Product Note reviews the basics of EVM measurements on the 89400 vector signal analyzers, and outlines a general procedure that may be used to methodically track down even the most obscure signal problems. Understanding Error Vector Magnitude EVM Defined Making EVM...

Notes d’application 2000-10-01

10 Steps to a Perfect Digital Demodulation Measurement (PN 89400-14A)
This Product Note provides a recommended procedure for configuring the Keysight 89400 Series Vector Signal Analyzers to demodulate and characterize a wide variety of digitally-modulated signals. Follow it step-by-step to insure that no important setup parameters are missed or incorrectly...

Notes d’application 2000-10-01

Choosing the Right Power Meter and Sensor - Application Note
This product note outlines applications considerations and the newest sensor technologies. It also reviews the families of thermocouple, diode and two-path, diode-attenuator-diode sensors.

Notes d’application 2000-10-01

Comparing Power Measurements on Digitally Modulated Signals
Measuring the power of digital CDMA signals is not as straightforward as the procedure employed when measuring their analog counterparts. While there are several ways to perform these in-channel and out-of-channel measurements, a spectrum analyzer and software-implemented power detection makes...

Notes d’application 2000-09-01

Using Vector Modulation Analysis in Digital RF Communications Systems (PN 89400-8)
Keysight 89400 Series Vector Signal Analyzers with vector modulation analysis (option AYA) provide the numerical and visual tools to help quickly identify and quantify impairments to digitally modulated signals, whether using standard or several non-standard modulation formats. This Product...

Notes d’application 2000-09-01

Optimum Power Measurements using Keysight Technologies Base Station Test Sets (PN 8935/8921-1)
This Product Note includes the following: Description of the power measurement method Availability of the power measurement method on the Keysight E6380A and the Keysight 8921A Option 600. How each power measurement method is implemented on the E6380A and the 8921A Option 600. When each power...

Notes d’application 2000-08-01

Using the 8924C Test Set's CDMA Logging Functions (PN 8924C)
This Product Note describes the CDMA protocol logging function available in the 8924C CDMA Mobile Station Test Set. The CDMA protocol logging feature allows the capture of all of the IS-95A over-the...

Notes d’application 2000-08-01

TS-5550 Cellular Phone Functional Test Platform (PN TS-5550)
This 12-page color print on demand Product Note discusses the TS-5550 platform features and benefits, including the ability to test up to four celluar phones at once. It is a flexible system for rapid development of cellular phone functional test. Configuration and ordering structure is also given.

Notes d’application 2000-08-01

Converting 8924C software for the E8285A
This Product Note assumes you are converting software originally written for the Keysight 8924C, for use with the Keysight E8285A. Ideas are also included for modifying your software to function interchangeably with both the 8924C and the E8285A. This Note is meant to supplement the information...

Notes d’application 2000-07-01

Understanding CDMA Measurements for Base Stations and Their Components (AN 1311)
This Application Note presents the fundamental measurement principles for the RF parametric tests performed on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) base stations and their components.

Notes d’application 2000-06-01

Performing cdma2000 Measurements Today (AN 1325)
cdma2000 is the 3GPP2 standard for 3G technology derived from cdmaOne. Although the standard has not yet been defined, R&D component and system engineers need to test their cdma 2000 designs today. This Application Note is a guide to cdma2000 testing based on established cdmaOne measurements...

Notes d’application 2000-05-22

Optimizing your TDMA Network Today and Tomorrow: Interference Identification for IS-136 TDMA...
This Application Note provides an overview of how drive-test tools can help optimize your TDMA-based cellular and PCS networks. These tools allow you to turn-up networks faster, reduce optimization time, and improve network quality of service.

Notes d’application 2000-05-04

Power Measurements Using 8920B Solutions for AMPS, NAMPS, and TDMA Mobile Phones (PN 8920B)
There is some confusion among users regarding the power measurements that appear on the different screens of 8920B Test Set solutions. This Product Note is intended to give 8920B solutions users an insight into the power measurements appearing on different screens of...

Notes d’application 2000-05-01

Testing CDMA Base Station Amplifiers (AN 1307)
The objective of this Application Note is to cover the basic measurement fundamentals of characterizing the linear and non-linear behavior of CDMA power amplifiers.

Notes d’application 2000-05-01

Product Comparison: the E8285A CDMA Mobile Station Test Set versus the 8924C CDMA Mobile Station...
The Keysight 8924C Option 601 CDMA Mobile Station Test Set and E8285A CDMA MS Service Test Set act as calibrated, high performance base stations to provide the essential set of measurements required to test the parametric and functional characteristics of dual-band, dual-mode CDMA phones. This...

Notes d’application 2000-04-01

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