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Solutions for WLAN 802.11ac Manufacturing Test - Application Note
This “Solutions for WLAN 802.11ac Manufacturing Test” app note gives insight into testing 802.11ac client and infrastructure devices using fast, flexible, cost-effective calibration and non-signaling.

Application Note 2015-02-04

Speed Time to Market with Consistent Measurements from R&D Through Manufacturing - Application Note
This white paper describes the benefits of having a choice of bench top or modular instruments that are supported by common software applications.

Application Note 2014-11-17

Enhancing Measurement Performance for the Testing of Wideband MIMO Signals - White Paper
This white paper describes a method for characterization and correction of channel frequency response for BBIQ measurements over large bandwidths when using the Keysight M9703A and 89600 VSA software.

Application Note 2014-08-03

Creating a Complete and Flexible Solution for WiGig Testing Application Note
When developing new WiGig products, testing must address the transmitter and receiver portions of each device. In a tri-band device, signals have three key attributes: they operate at 2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz

Application Note 2014-08-01

Measuring the Burst Time-Gated Power Signal of Wireless Technologies Using Keysight Power Sensors
Measuring pulse, burst, or modulated signals for wireless technologies such as TDMA, GSM, WLAN, WiMAX, and LTE is very important because it is part of functionality testing and power amplifier module verification during the manufacturing process.

Application Note 2013-07-08

Make Custom OFDM Measurements with 89600 VSA Software Option BHF - Application Note
Read about how to configure 89600 VSA software with Option BHF custom OFDM modulation analysis to analyze and troubleshoot new, custom, proprietary, generic, or non-standard OFDM signals.

Application Note 2012-11-21

802.11ac Power Measurement and Timing Analysis - Application Note
This technical article illustrates how Keysight 8990B peak power analyzer able to help technicians and engineers perform some of the test requirements when developing 802.11ac power amplifier module

Application Note 2012-09-02

Custom OFDM Signal Generation Using SystemVue - Application Note
This application note describes a new comms standard based on OFDM which is provided by SystemVue 2011 to create both simulation and measurement, with links to the new 89600B VSA software for further demodulation and analysis.

Application Note 2010-12-09

How to migrate from the N4010A to N8300A for WLAN testing (Part 4)

Application Note 2009-06-11

N8300A: Techniques for optimizing WLAN device testing (Part 3)

Application Note 2009-05-12

N8300A: Implement a WLAN test plan using SCPI programming (Part 2)

Application Note 2009-04-27

N8300A: Introduction to a WLAN manufacturing test plan and theory of implementation (Part 1)

Application Note 2009-04-21

Simplify dc current drain measurements and analysis on WLAN Network cards
Minimizing current drain is critical to the success of new WLAN Network cards. High or excessive current drain can reduce the host device battery operating time considerably.

Application Note 2008-06-04

MIMO Wireless LAN PHY Layer (RF) Operation & Measurement Application Note 1509
This application note is intended to provide an understanding of MIMO radio operation as it applies to WLAN, and the test configurations for multi-channel radios.

Application Note 2008-04-30

MIMO Manufacturing Solution - Application Note
Compares two of the most popular MIMO manufacturing test methodologies, including examples to illustrate the relative merits.

Application Note 2007-07-10

N4010A Programming Made Easy for WLAN Applications - Application Note
This application note shows WLAN test developers and application engineers how to create effective integration test plans and manufacturing test sequences for the N4010A test set.

Application Note 2007-04-17

RF Testing of WLAN Products- Application Note
This Application note discusses the modulation technology behind several wireless LAN standards and the measurement techniques that can be used to trouble shoot and quantify their RF performance.

Application Note 2007-01-10

Current Drain Analysis Enhances WLAN Network Card Design and Test - Application Note
This application note explains how to simplify the complex task of accurately measuring and evaluating the current drain of a WLAN network card for its various operating modes.

Application Note 2006-12-14

N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set Performance Guide, Application Note
This guide characterizes the performance of the N4010A wireless connectivity test set and the 89601A vector signal analysis (VSA) software combination

Application Note 2004-06-29

Next-Generation WLAN Manufacturing Test Solutions
This application note begins with a brief introduction to IEEE 802.11 technologies, followed by a description of the golden radio-based test system and its main limitations for WLAN manufacturing.

Application Note 2004-05-28

Using the E4438C ESG and Signal Studio for 802.11 WLAN Receiver Testing
This 16 page application note describes how to properly construct the MAC header, user files, and frames for WLAN signal generation using Signal Studio software.

Application Note 2003-10-09

Receiver Minimum Input Level Sensitivity
Receiver minimum input level sensitivity is the minimum specified rf level of a WLAN signal that a WLAN receiver will receive and demodulate.

Application Note 2003-09-22

Improve the Circuit Evaluation Efficiency of Wireless LAN Chip Set Design (AN 1463-2)
This application note introduces circuit and component characteristics for the WLAN chipset design process using the ENA Series network analyzers. The topics highlighted are balanced measurements, fixture characterizations, and impedance matching.

Application Note 2003-08-14

Equalization Techniques and OFDM Troubleshooting for Wireless LANs - AN 1455
The discussions and measurements described here apply most specifically to the Keysight 89600 Series vector signal analyzers and their wireless networking measurement software.

Application Note 2003-05-07

802.11a/g Manufacturing Tests, A Guide to Getting Started (AN 1380-3)
This 28-page application note is intended for those planning to manufacture IEEE 802.11a, and g wireless radio modules. It covers the selection and execution of physical layer (RF) tests.

Application Note 2003-03-03

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