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Keysight Technologies Selected by China Mobile Terminals for Cellular-IoT RF,RRM Conformance Testing
Collaboration enables chipset, module and device makers to optimize their designs and verify RF and RRM performance to China Mobile’s Cellular-IoT test plan

Press Materials 2017-09-04

T4010S Conformance Test System - Technical Overview
The T4010S LTE RF test systems are automated solutions for conformance test and design verification of LTE UE. This document covers key benefits, features, technical specifications and ordering info.

Technical Overview 2017-07-28

Keysight Technologies Announces First Test Platform to Validate GCF RF NB-IoT and CAT-M Test Cases

Press Materials 2017-05-02

RF & RRM Conformance Test System Leads Industry in Validated GCF,PTCRB RF 3CA LTE Test Cases & Bands

Press Materials 2016-05-08

T3100S Series NFC Test Systems - Technical Overview
This technical overview shows the elements and specifications that create the T3100S Series Test Systems for NFC testing during product development, R&D, pre-conformance and final certification.

Technical Overview 2016-04-13

RF and RRM Conformance Test System Leads Industry in PTCRB RF LTE 3CA Certification

Press Materials 2016-03-13

Keysight Technologies, SGS Partner on LTE-Advanced 3DL CA Conformance Test System

Press Materials 2016-02-17

Keysight Test System Achieves EMVCo Qualification in Mobile & Contactless Card Digital Protocol Test

Press Materials 2015-04-21

Keysight Announces FIME RF Test Bench for Mobile, Contactless Card Achieves EMVCo Qualification

Press Materials 2015-03-11

T4020S LTE RRM Test System - Technical Overview
This technical overview explains the key features, system components, user interface, technical specifications for the T4020S LTE RRM conformance test system.

Technical Overview 2015-02-23

NFC Conformance Test System Selected for Device Acceptance Test at China Telecom Corporation Labs

Press Materials 2015-02-17

EMV Level 1 Secure Payment Testing – FIME
EMV Level 1 Secure Payment Testing from FIME and Keysight.

Solution Brief 2014-08-04

GS-8800 Conformance System Measurement Uncertainty - Application Note
This application note explains how measurement uncertainty (MU) affects GS-8800 system measurements and demonstrates how MU is derived for the conformance test system.

Application Note 2014-08-02

10 Easy Steps To Configure New Keysight N1960A GS-8800 Design Verification & Conformance Test System
Quickly tailor your N1960A GS-8800 Series design verification and conformance test system to achieve your testing goals using this step-by-step guide.

Selection Guide 2013-08-05

7 Easy Steps To Configure Your Keysight N8993A GS-8800 Bench-top RF Design Verification Test System
With easy to follow instructions, this selection guide helps you determine what options to order to tailor the N8993A design verification test system to meet your needs.

Selection Guide 2013-08-01

Solutions for Testing NFC Devices
Using an accurate, configurable and versatile test bench with qualified test tools to address test challenges throughout the NFC product development cycle

Application Note 2013-07-29

T4110S LTE Protocol Tester - Technical Overview
Technical Overview for T4110S LTE Protocol Test System

Technical Overview 2013-04-23

N1960A GS-8800 Series Wireless Communication Design Verification and Conformance Test System
Provides an overview and basic specification information for the N1960A GS-8800 series wireless communication DV and CT systems.

Data Sheet 2012-08-17

N8993A GS-8800 Series Wireless Communication Design Verification Bench-top System - Data Sheet
Provides a brief overview and some general specification information for the N8993A GS-8800 wireless communication design verfication bench-top system.

Data Sheet 2012-08-17

N6070A Series Signaling Conformance Test User's Guide
Keysight PXT Wireless Communications Test Set (E6621A)

User Manual 2012-01-18

N8993A and N1960A GS-8800 Series Software and Technical Support Contracts
This product overview provides information on the available software and technical support contracts for the GS-8800 systems.

Selection Guide 2010-10-17

N6070A Series LTE Signaling Conformance Test and Development System
This configuration guide explains the use of the Keysight N6070A Series for LTE UE development, regression, acceptance, and certification test.

Configuration Guide 2010-09-30

N6421A WiMAX™ Protocol Logging and Analysis Help - May 14 2010
Online help for the N6421A WiMAX™ Protocol Logging and Analysis application.

User Manual 2010-05-14

N643xA Series WiMAX™ Protocol Test Software - Getting Started Guide
This guide introduces you to the components of the Keysight N6430A Series WiMAX Protocol Test. It also shows you how to install and configure your Keysight N6430A Series WiMAX Protocol Test Software.

Installation Manual 2009-12-01

3GPP Long Term Evolution: System Overview, Product Development and Test Challenges -Application Note
This application note focuses on LTE and includes content on system overview, product development and test challenges of this new wireless communications technology.

Application Note 2009-09-08

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