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S8706A 5G Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset - Technical Overview
Technical overview of the 5G protocol carrier acceptance solution

Technical Overview 2020-01-13

S8704A 5G Protocol Conformance Toolset - Technical Overview
S8704A 5G Protocol Conformance Toolset (PCT) gives you access to the latest 3GPP defined 5G and C-V2X protocol conformance tests. It provides an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface in which you can create campaigns of tests, set PICS/PIXIT parameters, view logs and create reports. In this document we will describe the graphical user interface and functionality provided by Protocol Conformance Toolset in more detail. We will also describe the hardware platform on which Protocol Conformance Toolset is run.

Technical Overview 2020-01-09

Keysight First to Achieve 3GPP C-V2X Radio Frequency Conformance Test Case Validation
Keysight solutions enable the automotive industry to accelerate commercialization of connected cars and autonomous vehicles

Press Materials 2019-11-25

Keysight, Sprint Collaborate to Accelerate Commercial Deployment of 5G Technology

Press Materials 2019-11-19

Keysight Technologies Enables the Global Certification Forum to Certify 5G New Radio Mobile Devices

Press Materials 2019-11-04

5G Conformance Test Solutions Selected by Bureau Veritas for Global 5G NR Device Certification
Enables leading test house to address 5G radio frequency (RF) conformance test requirements in sub-6GHz and mmWave frequencies

Press Materials 2019-10-08

PCTEST Address Critical Regulatory Requirements for FCC Testing & Certification of 5G Mobile Devices
Leading test house uses Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions to deliver over-the-air (OTA) test services in mmWave frequency spectrum

Press Materials 2019-10-02

Keysight Accelerates Market Introduction of 5G Devices with 5G NR Conformance Test Cases

Press Materials 2019-09-19

Keysight Delivers 5G New Radio (NR) Protocol Conformance Test Cases Validated by GCF and PTCRB

Press Materials 2019-08-08

Keysight, Qualcomm Collaborate to Obtain GCF Validation of 5G RF Demodulation and RRM Test Cases
Achievement accelerates global certification of 5G devices

Press Materials 2019-07-25

Keysight Supports GCF Validated 5G NR Conformance RF Test Cases Following CAG#59 Meeting

Press Materials 2019-07-23

M1740A mmWave Transceiver for 5G - Data Sheet
Keysight’s multi-band M1740A remote radio head (RRH) enables users to confidently test over-the-air (OTA) in mmWave frequency bands, including 24, 28, 39 and 40 GHz bands. The M1740A uniquely supports bi-directional testing across four mmWave frequency bands with a single hardware set.

Data Sheet 2019-06-11

Common Interface Unit E7770A - Data Sheet
Data sheet for Common Interface Unit E7770A

Data Sheet 2019-06-10

Keysight Technologies Strengthens Leadership Position in PTCRB

Press Materials 2019-05-30

E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform - Data Sheet
Data sheet for E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform

Data Sheet 2019-04-24

Keysight Accelerates Global Certification of 5G Devices with 5G NR Conformance Test Case Leadership

Press Materials 2019-04-15

Keysight Enables Activation of GCF Certification for 5G New Radio (NR) Standalone (SA) Mobile Device

Press Materials 2019-04-02

Keysight Technologies First to Gain GCF Approval for 5G NR NSA Mobile Device Certification

Press Materials 2019-01-22

Keysight Submits First 5G TTCN-3 Conformance Test Case to 3GPP RAN 5 for 5G NR Device Certification

Press Materials 2018-12-20

5G Conformance Toolset First to Achieve PTCRB Validation for 5G NR Device Certification

Press Materials 2018-12-10

5G RF/RRM Conformance Toolset - Solution Brief
The 5G Protocol Conformance Toolset provides up-to-date and comprehensive access to 5G protocol conformance test cases as defined in 3GPP TS 38.523-1 (5GS) and 3GPP TS 34.229-1 (IMS) to ensure mobile devices perform as expected on a live mobile network.

Brochure 2018-11-30

Design and Test Solutions for the Internet of Things - Solution Brochure
Develop mission-critical IoT devices to withstand the rigors of the real world—with flexible, high-performance design, test and security platforms.

Brochure 2018-05-16

Keysight Technologies, Tech Mahindra Collaborate to Develop 5G NR Device Test Capability

Press Materials 2018-03-26

N8993A GS-8800 Series Wireless Communication Design Verification Bench-top System - Data Sheet
Provides a brief overview and some general specification information for the N8993A GS-8800 wireless communication design verfication bench-top system.

Data Sheet 2018-02-21

Keysight Technologies Selected by China Mobile Terminals for Cellular-IoT RF,RRM Conformance Testing
Collaboration enables chipset, module and device makers to optimize their designs and verify RF and RRM performance to China Mobile’s Cellular-IoT test plan

Press Materials 2017-09-04

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