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Is the VGA output of the ESA and EMC Series Analyzer monochrome or color?
On both product families, the output is color.

FAQ 2007-12-20

How can I use the Rear Panel DC Input Connector on my ESA/EMC Series Spectrum Analyzer?
The ESA/EMC will run on DC power via the Option A5D DC Input cables or the E1779A Battery pack.

FAQ 2007-12-20

Is it possible to save a full-sized screen capture, without the softkeys?
Yes... See content for details...

FAQ 2007-12-20

What do "R", "L", "T", and "S" refer to in the upper-righthand portion of the analyzer's display?
See content for details...

FAQ 2007-12-20

What is the difference between video and power averaging types on the ESA Series Spectrum Analyzers?
Video should be used when in a LINEAR scale, Power should be used when in a LOG scale.

FAQ 2007-12-20

Is a screen capture software package available for the ESA Series spectrum analyzer?
The E4444A BenchLink Spectrum Analyzer software is a screen capture program that easily transfers measurement results from your ESA Series portable spectrum analyzer to a Windows-based PC.

FAQ 2007-12-20

How do I troubleshoot E5500 GPIB connectivity?
Here is the procedure to follow if there is a problem with instrument connections via GPIB with the E5500 software.

FAQ 2007-10-18

Is there a master listing of compatible printers for various network analyzers and impedance analyzers?

FAQ 2007-07-10

How long will the 8546A/2E instruments be supported?
Support life will end in March 2006

FAQ 2007-06-29

How do I change the signal path settings from the front panel on my N9039A RF Preselector?
From the PSA controlling it.

FAQ 2007-05-31

How do I tune the frequency of my N9039A RF Preselector?
From the PSA controlling it...

FAQ 2007-05-31

When do I need to use a LAN/GPIB Gateway (Option 011) with my EMI Measurement System?
When using an 8648B as the alignment source...

FAQ 2007-05-31

Do I need to use the side support brackets that came with my N9039A RF Preselector?
Yes. See FAQ content for details...

FAQ 2007-05-31

How can I store the measurement data in the storage device (i.e. built-in HDD) via SCPI command?
You can use :MMEMory command to store the trace or memory data of the display.

FAQ 2007-04-22

What is the ETS part number for the 11966A?
ETS # 6502

FAQ 2007-01-22

What is the ETS part number for the 11966I?
ETS # 3106

FAQ 2007-01-22

89400: How to Measure PLL Settling Time?

FAQ 2006-07-17

How do I transfer the symbol table data from the 89400 to a PC?
When demodulating a vector-modulated signal, any display trace may be set up to view the symbol data, then the symbol table data may be transferred by several methods.

FAQ 2006-05-09

How can I get the corrected trace data from the E7415A EMI Measurement software into a spreadsheet?
While there isn't a function to do this, it can be done by a couple of methods...

FAQ 2006-03-22

In the case of Dual Keysight PLTS Floating Licenses, how do I utilize both licenses simultaneously?

FAQ 2006-01-12

Upon receipt and subsequent installation of a new PLTS license file, the PLTS system is reporting the following error: “Could not acquire the neces...
This error is usually corrected by changing the path to the license file variable in the 'lmtools.exe' program.

FAQ 2006-01-12

Why did I receive two Entitlement Certificates for my PLTS Software? And why are the certificates different?

FAQ 2006-01-09

Does the E7415A EMI Measurement software have support for Windows 2000 or Windows XP?
Yes, but there are some things to consider........

FAQ 2005-02-16

How can I transfer a screen image from the 89400 VSA to my PC?

FAQ 2004-10-15

What is the latest version of firmware for the 8546A / 8542E EMI Receivers?
See text for detailed information....

FAQ 2004-07-06

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