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Replicate RF Environments
Accelerate your time to market and reduce the time spent on designing your tests with Keysight Consulting Services.

Brochura 2020-06-19

5G NR Systems and Fundamentals eLearning Program
Build a strong foundation and understanding of the 5G NR network, air interface, and signaling protocols to get the most productivity and value from Keysight 5G measurement solutions.

Brochura 2020-06-03

5G NR Signaling Parameters and the Applications in UXM eLearning Program
This course will help users of the E7515B UXM 5G gain a deep understanding of the 5G signaling process and ASN parameters used in the UXM 5G Test Application. It will also help non-UXM 5G engineers understand the 5G signaling process and how higher layer signaling assigns physical layer resources.

Brochura 2020-06-03

PathWave Model Builder (MBP): How to use Lib Tweaking
This video demonstration provides a step-by-step overview of how to use the Lib Tweaking feature in MBP.

Demonstração 2020-05-28

Multichannel Measurements for RF & mmW
Accelerate your time to market and reduce the time spent on designing your tests with Keysight Consulting Services.

Brochura 2020-04-27

High-Speed Digital Test Compliance Consulting Services
Reduce the time spent on designing your tests and accelerate your time to market with Keysight Consulting Services.

Brochura 2020-04-27

Wideband Device Characterization
Accelerate your time to market and reduce the time spent on designing your tests with Keysight Consulting Services.

Brochura 2020-04-27

Keysight Technical Training - Brochure
Keysight provides a comprehensive portfolio of technical training courses that allow you to achieve the technical proficiency necessary to optimize the effectiveness of your Keysight measurement solution.

Brochura 2019-10-24

RF GaN Device Models and Extraction Techniques
This presentation was recorded at IMS 2019. The Workshop covers the market trends, technology and challenges in using Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices.

Demonstração 2019-08-30

IIT Kanpur Develops ASM-HEMT Model for GaN Transistors Using Parametric and Device Characterization
The India Institute of Technology Kanpur creates an accurate and simple compact SPICE model and introduces an industry-grade model for power electronics and RF applications.

Estudo de Caso 2019-07-10

PathWave Design Software
Accelerate your design cycle with integrated design and simulation software. Know your performance under simulated real-world conditions before you build.

Brochura 2019-07-01

PDF PDF 13.23 MB
Transforming Engineering Education with Cutting-Edge Keysight Labs
Keysight is committed to continue with innovation that will enable researchers, educators, and students.

Estudo de Caso 2019-06-25

Keysight Technologies Accelerates Design Workflows with New PathWave Design 2020 Software Suite
Keysight announces PathWave Design 2020, which includes the latest releases of Keysight's electronic design automation software to accelerate design workflows for radio frequency (RF) and microwave, 5G, and automotive design engineers.

Materiais para imprensa 2019-06-03

You Dream. We Test. Corporate Brochure
Get to know Keysight Technologies: who we are, what we do and how we accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world.

Brochura 2019-04-09

Improved Data Sharing Across Product Development Workflow Would Improve Time to Market
Keysight Survey Reveals Improved Data Sharing Across the Entire Product Development Workflow Would Improve Time to Market for Electronic Devices.

Materiais para imprensa 2019-04-08

The Future of Design and Simulation Workflows
While design engineers are facing many challenges, the most pressing are in the areas of data sharing and analysis. This report underscores the need for a new way to connect design and test data across the workflow.

Nota de aplicação 2019-02-22

Simplifying the Economics of Test and Repair in Both the Factory and Depot - White Paper
This paper explores how to calculate the cost-of-test.

Nota de aplicação 2019-02-21

5G NR Device Manufacturer Doubles Test Capacity
A leading 5G new radio device manufacturer doubles text capacity with zero additional CapEx through Keysight Financial Services.

Estudo de Caso 2019-02-19

Keysight Infoline Support Portal - Flyer
2-page flyer that explains Keysight Infoline Asset Management

Brochura 2018-05-23

Perform on-wafer RF calibration – WMS Series Part 5 of 6
In this video, we demonstrate an on wafer network analyzer calibration to 50 GHz.

Demonstração 2018-05-09

Align wafer probes and create a wafer map – WMS Series Part 4 of 6
In this video, we demonstrate how to align a wafer to the reference plane of our probing system using the auto align feature in Velox. We will then generate a wafer map.

Demonstração 2018-05-09

Set up a measurement project with WaferPro Express – WMS Series Part 6 of 6
In this video, we will set up a new project in WaferPro Express, defining our measurements on our desired devices.

Demonstração 2018-05-09

Configure WaferPro Express for measurements and probing – WMS Series Part 3 of 6
In this video, we will show you how to connect WaferPro Express to the instruments and then to the Velox prober control software.

Demonstração 2018-05-09

Automated on-wafer millimeter wave measurements demo – WMS Series Part 2 of 6
In this demo, we measure S-parameters on a GaAs MESFET and capacitor structure in an automated fashion across the wafer. This leverages a lot of pieces together that will be explained in later videos: • configuring the WaferPro Express software to drive other instruments and wafer prober software • wafer alignment • RF S-parameter calibration • WaferPro Express project set up

Demonstração 2018-05-09

Introduction to Wafer-level Measurement Solutions (WMS) – WMS Series Part 1 of 6
In this video we present an overview of the hardware and software used for making wafer level measurements up to 110 GHz.This is part of a 6 part video series on wafer level measurements.

Demonstração 2018-05-09

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