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How does excessive heat and cold affect the accuracy of Keysight 34401A measurements?
This can be determined by using the temperature coefficients published in the User's Guide. Notice the "Temperature Coefficient/degree C" column…

FAQ 2010-07-23

What is the sample rate of the Keysight 34401A?
When configured for the fastest reading rate, the 34401A can sample at 1000 readings/second.

FAQ 2005-02-09

How do I calculate total measurement error on the Keysight 34401A?
The accuracy specifications for the Keysight 34401A are expressed in the form: '% of reading + % of range' which match the dominate sources of error, gain and offset.

FAQ 2005-02-09

Does the Keysight 34401A have a LAN IO Connection?
No. However, if you require Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity, consider the Keysight E5810A LAN-to-GPIB gateway.

FAQ 2004-09-23

What is the voltage limit that is considered open for diode testing?
The 34401A diode test function was designed specifically for silicon diodes. The cutoff voltage for diode testing is 0.8 VDC.

FAQ 2003-06-04