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Using RF Power Meters and Power Sensors for CW and Pulsed Signal Level Measurements - Demo
Achieve Accurate Continuous Wave (CW) and Pulse Signal Level Measurements by understanding how to select the right Keysight RF Power Meter and Power Sensor through this tutorial

Demo 2012-02-10

P-Series Power Meter/Sensor LTE Measurement
This article covers the technical overview and features, benefits and specifications of the P-Series power meters and sensors for LTE-TDD measurement applications.

Technical Overview 2010-11-19

Seven Practices to Prevent Damaging Power Meters and Power Sensors - Technical Overview
Knowing the proper usage and precautions for power sensors and meters would spare you inconvenience and downtime required for repair. This paper outlines seven practices for keeping your power sensors in good shape.

Technical Overview 2010-02-04

Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements (AN 1449) - Application Note
Keysight's Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements, application note (AN 1449-1/2/3/4).

Application Note 2009-06-05

MIMO Measurement Tips with Keysight P-Series Power Meters and U2000 Series USB Power Sensors
This application note provides an overview of MIMO, and shows the steps of performing an accurate and repeatable MIMO power measurement by using USB sensors or P-series power meter and sensors.

Application Note 2009-01-20

N1918A Radar Pulse Measurement - Application Note
This application note shows you how to use N1918A for radar module testing and measurements, maintenance and calibration.

Application Note 2008-12-25

Power Meter VEE Code Samples - Download File
Configure, read and display test time improvement using P-series power meter external triggering feature.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2008-08-27

Mobile WiMAX™ PHY Layer (RF) Operation and Measurement
This application note describes the operation and physical layer measurements of 802.16e OFDMA Mobile WiMAX devices.

Application Note 2008-07-17

Maximizing Measurement Speed Using P-Series Power Meters
With the new enhanced P-Series power meters N1911/12A with firmware version A.04.01, you can now enjoy its time-saving feature that allows you to speed up the measurement or calibration using the external triggering capability provided for average power measurement.

Application Note 2008-01-21

P-Series Power Meter N1911A/N1912A IEEE 802.16 WiMAX™ Measurement Application
This article covers the technical overview and features, benefits and specifications of the P-Series power meters and sensors for IEEE 802.16 WiMAX measurement applications.

Application Note 2007-03-21

P-Series Power Sensor Internal Zeroing and Calibration for RF Power Sensors
This application note introduces different design technique of RF power sensors. The article further elaborates in detail of power sensor latest design “Internal Zeroing and Calibration” and its advantages.

Application Note 2007-03-14

P-Series Power Meter Real-Time Remote Control Video Demonstrations
The following videos demonstrate the features and capabilties of the P-Series power meters and sensors with real application signals.

Demo 2007-03-01

P-Series Power Meter and Sensors, Technical Overview
This technical overview covers the features, benefits and specifications for the P-Series power meters and sensors.

Technical Overview 2005-09-14

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