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N6700 Series Modular System Power Supplies Collection Page
Provides a series of information and catchy short videos to help you get a hold of Keysight instruments and make the most out of your measurements.

Демонстрация 2020-06-05

N6705B DC Power Analyzer Scope and Power Supply Capabilities
This video highlights the N6705B's ability to supply up to four channels of voltage and current, with simultaneous or sequenced turn-on. The scope mode of the analyzer is then demonstrated, showing the dynamic current draw of a DC motor in real time.

Демонстрация 2014-07-25

N6705A DC Power Analyzer Front Panel Simulation - Demo
This demo program creates a simulation of the front panel of the DC Power Analyzer on your PC screen. This demo simulates a Keysight N6705A DC Power Analyzer configured with 4 DC power modules.

Демонстрация 2014-04-07

Battery Drain Video: Seamless Measurement Ranging on the N6781A
The N6781A Battery Drain Analyzer SMU module for the N6700 Modular Power System is a powerful R&D tool to help engineers understand current consumption in battery powered devices.

Демонстрация 2010-06-17

Experience the N6700 through a series of video demos and application briefs
View 6 different multimedia demonstrations on how the small, flexible, and fast N6700 Modular Power System can solve problems in a variety of application scenarios.

Демонстрация 2004-03-31

Experience the N6700 through a series of video demos and application briefs (dial-up version)

Демонстрация 2004-03-30