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Network Analysis Basics - 10 Hints for Making Better Network Analyzer Measurements (AN 1291-1B)
This Application Note contains hints to help you understand and improve your use of network analyzers, and a summary of network analyzers and their capabilities.

Notes d’application 2020-06-17

Low-Cost Power Sources Meet Advanced ADC and VCO Characterization Requirements – Application Note
This application note shows how the low-cost Keysight B2961A/B2962A 6.5 digit power sources can characterize 14-bit ADC circuits and VCOs requiring a 10 microvolt RMS noise floor.

Notes d’application 2020-05-27

Precise Low Resistance Measurements Using the B2961A and 34420A - Application Note
This application note describes how to find the optimal test current for precise low resistance measurement using the Keysight B2961A in conjunction with the Keysight 34420A.

Notes d’application 2020-05-25

How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Portable IoT Devices - Application Note
Learn how to use the Keysight X8712A IoT device battery life optimization test solution to detect design weaknesses and predict the battery life of an IoT device.

Notes d’application 2020-05-22

Evaluating Battery Run-Down with the N6781A/N6785A Source/Measure Unit and the BV9200B Software
This application note will describe in detail the procedure on evaluating battery run down to easily and accurately evaluate the battery and battery-powered device.

Notes d’application 2020-02-02

When Testing a Device at Multiple Voltages - Use an Output LIST - Application Note
When you need to test a device over a range of power levels, consider using an output LIST. An output LIST allows you to specify a series of steps that change the power supply’s output. Each step controls the output for a set length of time before moving on to the next step.

Notes d’application 2019-12-02

The Power of Emulation - Part 2: Ensuring Electric Cars Perform Flawlessly with Emulation
Design and test engineers are turning to emulation technology to reduce the design verification cycle time and reduce the cost of test to help speed up the transition to EVs.

Notes d’application 2019-08-28

Higher Current at at More Voltages Autoranging, Auto-series, and Auto-parallel
Take advantage of autoranging, auto-series, and auto-parallel to provide higher current at more voltages. These capabilities allow a smaller, quieter supply to take the place of a higher power supply.

Notes d’application 2019-07-10

Electronic Load Fundamentals - White Paper
This White Paper discusses fundamentals of an electronic load including: electronic load operation modes, e-load applications and how to select the right electronic load.

Notes d’application 2019-05-11

How to Create Arbitrary Power Waveforms - Application Note
Creating arbitrary power waveforms, demonstrated with Python and sockets

Notes d’application 2019-04-15

Get More Usable Power on the Bench or in a System - Application Note
Learn how: autoranging, auto-series, auto-parallel, and other capabilities provide more useable output power allowing a 200 or 400 W supply to cover more applications.

Notes d’application 2019-04-11

System Power Supply Programming Using SCPI Commands - White Paper
Learn how to construct a program to send SCPI commands. The example provided uses sockets and Python.

Notes d’application 2019-04-08

How to Optimize Power Supply Testing Using the Keysight N6790 Series - Application Note
The Keysight N6790 Series electronic load modules give you unmatched performance and speed for power supply test. For bench or system applications in any testing environment, you can count on high quality and reliability with superior performance and features.

Notes d’application 2019-02-01

Improve Voltage Regulation Using Remote Sense - White Paper
Learn how to use remote sense to improve load regulation. Most measurements assume steady load regulation.

Notes d’application 2018-11-02

Avoid Power Related Damage Using Overcurrent Protection with a Multiple Output Power Supply
When multiple voltages power a device, it is often desirable to turn off all the power supply outputs when a fault occurs. If using more than one power supply, daisy chain the digital IO ports such that all outputs, even across mainframes, will be shut down on an overcurrent event. Provide additional protection for a device by using these three functions together - OCP, fault-out and the inhibit function - to shut down all the outputs.

Notes d’application 2018-10-10

Bench-Top Test and Debug of Power Transient Issues for Automotive and Aerospace/Defense Applications
Using the N6705A for bench-top test and debug of power transient issues for automotive and aerospace/defense

Notes d’application 2018-09-19

Seven Features You Didn't Expect from Your Bench DC Power Supply - Application Note
This application note describes seven features of the new E36300 series triple output bench power supplies that you didn't expect from a bench power supply.

Notes d’application 2018-08-20

Practical Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of the E36300 Series Bench Power Supplies
This application note provides practical tips to get the most out of the E36300 series bench power supplies.

Notes d’application 2018-08-20

Practical Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of the E36300 Series Bench Power Supplies
This application note provides practical tips to get the most out of the E36300 series bench power supplies.

Notes d’application 2018-08-20

Save Energy in your High-Power Test Applications - White Paper
This paper discusses on The definition of regenerative power supply and why it matters and also the operation of power supply.

Notes d’application 2018-08-01

Wide Range of Resistance Measurement Solutions from µΩ to PΩ - Application Note
This application note introduces keysight's resistance measurement solution, and discuss major error factors in resistance measurements and how to eliminate those error factors.

Notes d’application 2018-06-06

Energy Ecosystem – Technologies driving the future of e-Mobility - White Paper
One of the hottest markets fueling e-mobile applications is the electric car market which is seeing expotential growth worldwide. Keysight is confident of providing both the depth and breadth of test

Notes d’application 2018-05-23

Battery LIfe Challenges in IoT Wireless Sensors and the Implication for Test - Application Note
This application note discusses battery life challenges in IoT wireless sensors and the implications of test.

Notes d’application 2018-05-10

Improve debug efficiency and avoid errors - Application Brief
This 2-page introduces the Keysight B2961A/62A Power Source and how its functions help prevent errors and device damage and improve debug efficiency. B2961A/B2962A 6.5 digit Low Noise Power Source.

Notes d’application 2018-03-15

Network analyzer evaluation of RF amplifier using 2961A/62A - Application Brief
This 2-page introduces the Keysight B2961A/62A Power Source and how to perform MMIC RF amplifier S-parameter measurements using it as the DC bias source.

Notes d’application 2018-03-15


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