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Can the 8657x Signal Generator be turned on with the RF output off?
No, it can't. When a DUT could be destroyed by high RF output.

FAQ 2012-06-08

What is the best way to ensure simultaneous triggering of multiple units of modular products?
Using the cardcage, U2781A is the best way of ensuring simultaneous triggering of multiple units

FAQ 2010-12-20

66xxA and E36xxA: Determining Power Supply Constant Current Mode
The power supply cannot be "put" into the constant current mode.

FAQ 2010-08-27

When will Keysight USB modular instruments and USB Modular DAQs supports Windows 7?
For 32 bit Windows 7, the supportability of modular instruments and DAQs will happen...

FAQ 2010-07-18

What is the PRBS (pseudo random binary sequence) polynomial used to test BER in the DVB-T/H system?
The PRBS, which is in compliance with ITU-T O.151, is based on the generator polynomial, 2e23–1 or 2e15–1.

FAQ 2010-02-05

Do the E364xA power supplies have fan cooling?
Yes. The fan speed in the E364xA series supplies is controlled automatically for reduced acoustic noise when the ambient temperature and power supply load is such that the full cooling capability is not required.

FAQ 2008-09-22

Why isn’t the screen bigger?
The screen is optimized for the “typical” engineering environment where the instrument is up on a lab desk you need to read the numbers from the screen from any angle. In case you need a bigger screen you can manage and control the instrument from...

FAQ 2008-02-21

Why are you offering 3 instruments in 1? What if my customer needs only one of these instruments?
In addition to precise pulses and trigger customers need to stress the device to its limits. In the past they used either a second channel or an additional instrument to distort the signal. With the new build-in capabilities real-world signals can...

FAQ 2008-01-29

What does channel add mean?
You can add the signal from one channel to the signal of the other channel this might be adding noise to a clean pulse, this might be a FM signal added with noise… The possibilities you have are huge.

FAQ 2008-01-29

What is a crest factor?
The crest factor defines the ratio between Vp to RMS. The ideal sine wave for example has a crest factor of 1.414. Any crest factor higher than 1.414 shows additional noise, distortion or spikes. In addition the crest factor shows signal boundar...

FAQ 2008-01-29

I have a Keysight Pulse Generator, Why shall I buy this new instrument?
In addition to Keysight’s proven Pulse Generator the 81150A provides distortion & modulation capabilities. This gives you complete new test possibilities. In addition the instruments provides coupling & uncoupling of channels. With the coupling you...

FAQ 2008-01-29

How to upgrade from 1 to 2 channels
It is not possible to upgrade a 1 channel version to a 2 channel version. You have to decide from the beginning how many channels you need.

FAQ 2008-01-29

When powered on, what is the wake-up voltage and current setting of the 606xB and 6050xB Series electronic loads?
The 606xB and 6050xB Series have 7 user-definable recall states which allow saving the settings of the load for later recall. One of these states, location 0 is non-volatile; this is called the wake-up state.

FAQ 2006-04-11

Can the CPRI RE Test solution be used to test my CPRI REC?
No. The CPRI RE Test solution is only intended for testing the RE.

FAQ 2006-04-07

66xxA: Power Supplies with Inductive Loads

FAQ 2003-06-04

66xxA: Down programming

FAQ 2003-06-04

66xxA, 68xxA and E36xxA: Switching vs. Linear Power Supplies

FAQ 2003-06-04

33120A: Output BNC Connector

FAQ 2003-06-03

33120A: Noise Function

FAQ 2002-06-27