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33500B Series Complex Modular Generation with Low-Cost Arbitrary Waveform Generators - White Paper
This white paper illustrates how the Keysight 33500 Series waveform generators with Trueform technology can be applied to generate complex modulated signals.

Application Note 2012-08-27

1500 A and 10 kV MOSFET Characterization using the Keysight B1505A - Application Note
This application note explains how to use the B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer to measure typical DC parameters of high-power MOSFETs.

Application Note 2012-08-27

Simplify the Generation of High-Quality IQ Signals - Application Note
Topics include Trueform technology, moving IQ signals from software to a 33500B Series waveform generator for play back, and built-in features for simulating conditions on an IQ signal for testing.

Application Note 2012-08-24

1500 A and 10 kV IGBT Characterization by using Keysight B1505A - Application Note
This application note explains how to use the B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer to measure typical DC parameters found in IGBT specifications.

Application Note 2012-07-27

Creating and Optimizing 802.11ac Signals Application Note
This application note details how to create and optimize 802.11ac signals using the N7617B Signal Studio for WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac software with Keysight's RF signal generators to get the highest quality signals from the instruments.

Application Note 2012-07-19

Transition from 2G/3G to 3.9G/4G Base Station Receiver Conformance Test - Application Note
This application note will help you migrate from 2G/3G to 3.9G/4G BTS test. Various test requirements are explained as well as how to perform those tests using the new X-Series signal generators.

Application Note 2012-04-16

Using the U8030 Series Power Supply Output Sequencing Feature Application
This document presents three test applications that demonstrate the output sequencing capability of the U8030 Series power supply.

Application Note 2012-01-04

Multi-Instrument Synchronization with the 81180A - Application Note
For applications that require more than two channels, a built-in synchronization feature allows for synchronizing two 81180A arbitrary waveform generators to create a fully synchronized 4-channel system.

Application Note 2011-11-04

PCI Express Transmitter Electrical Validation and Compliance Testing - Application Note
This application note is intended for digital designers and developers validating electrical performance of PCI Express-based designs and working toward electrical compliance of PCI Express products.

Application Note 2011-10-28

Optimizing Dynamic Range for Distortion Measurements
This Product Note covers high dynamic range measurement techniques for the new PSA Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series. The Note describes the best way to use the PSA series to make distortion measurements such as ACP, intermodulation, and harmonic distortion.

Application Note 2011-10-27

Measuring Power BJT Electrical Characteristics using the B1505A - Application Note
B1505A can measure the typical DC and capacitance parameters of power BJT devices.

Application Note 2011-08-30

Measuring Power MOSFET Electrical Characteristics using the B1505A
This application note explains how to use the B1505A to measure the typical DC and capacitance parameters of power MOSFET devices.

Application Note 2011-08-22

Using SystemVue’s Radar Library to Generate Signals for Radar Design and Verification - App Note
Keysight's Radar Library helps you with the productivity and accuracy of your radar signals.

Application Note 2011-01-25

AN B1505A-4 Direct Power MOSFET Capacitance Measurement at 3,000 V
This application note describes direct capacitance measurement at a 3,000 V bias voltage by using the Keysight B1505A.

Application Note 2011-01-10

LTE-Advanced Signal Generation and Measurement Using SystemVue - Application Note
This application note introduces changes in Release 10 of the 3GPP specification for LTE-Advanced, a new generation of the LTE standard that promises dramatic improvements in throughput.

Application Note 2010-12-23

OTA Test Methods for Evaluating the Performance of MIMO User Equipment
This application note discusses the theory, techniques and validation of three predominant OTA test methods including the two-stage OTA, multiple test probe OTA and reverberation chamber methods.

Application Note 2010-12-17

Benchmarking PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator Fading Performance Application Note

Application Note 2010-09-16

Designing and Testing 3GPP W-CDMA Base Stations (Including Femtocells) - Application Note
W-CDMA is one of several wideband digital cellular technologies competing for the third-generation (3G) cellular market.

Application Note 2010-08-01

AN B1500-17 A Complete CMOS Reliability Test Solution
This application note gives an overview of the B1500A's key measurement features and shows how the B1500A is a complete solution for verifying CMOS process reliability.

Application Note 2010-06-08

Signal Source Solutions for Coherent and Phase Stable Multi-Channel Systems - Application Note
This application note discusses test signal requirements for the evaluation of multi channel RF systems.

Application Note 2010-05-05

Conduct DVB-T/H Conformance Tests with Keysight's Real-time DVB-T/H Digital Video Solution
This application note provides an introduction to the performance test requirements for DVB-T/H receivers, as defined in EICTA MBRAI 2.0, and it describes test setup and configurations.

Application Note 2010-04-30

AN B1500A-2 Migrating from the Keysight 4155C and 4156C to the Keysight B1500A
This application note presents the B1500A's major features with EasyEXPERT 4.0 software and explains the differences and similarities with respect to the 4155C and 4156C.

Application Note 2010-04-02

AN B1500-16 A Complete Solution for CMOS Device Electrical Characterization
This application note gives an overview of the B1500A's key features and it goes on to show how the B1500A is a complete solution for CMOS device electrical characterization.

Application Note 2010-03-24

AN B1500-15 Ultra Low Current DC MOSFET Characterization at the Wafer Level
This application note describes how to precisely evaluate sub-threshold characteristics of a MOSFET device using B1500A’s ultra low current measurement capability

Application Note 2010-03-23

Typical GPS Receiver Verification Tests Using a GPS Signal Simulator - Application Note
This paper describes typical GPS receiver verification tests using a GPS signal simulator. The tests are used to verify functionality of embedded GPS receivers in mobile consumer products such as cell phones and other handheld receivers.

Application Note 2010-03-04

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