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Is it possible to change the font size of softkey menu on ENA?
Yes. The font size of softkey menu can be changed with following procedure...

FAQ 2011-10-07

Why is the "E-230 data corrupt or stale" error message occasionally displayed on the E4980A while saving a measurement data in the USB memory stick...
It is caused when the procedure for saving a data is not performed correctly or when the USB memory stick is not compatible with the E4980A.

FAQ 2011-07-24

Why is the "Failed to Capture State from Instrument" displayed on PC when the IntuiLink software for the 4294A is run?
The error message as shown below is displayed when the version of the 4294A firmware is lower than Rev 1.11.

FAQ 2011-06-12

For the 4395A / 4396B combination analyzer in spectrum analyzer mode with the noise format. Are the indicated units in error for this mode?

FAQ 2011-05-06

What should I do when the "OVLD" message is displayed on the 4263B?
Check whether the selected measurement range is appropriate or not.

FAQ 2011-04-21

Why does the 42841A shut down with an error message display on the E4980A/ 4284A when DC bias current exceeds a certain level?
The 42841A cannot output DC bias current in excess of a level determined from the DC resistance of DUT and the maximum limit of DC output voltage.

FAQ 2011-04-21

The 4294A displays a caution "Reduce OSC level" or "Bridge Unbalanced" in Fixture COMP [Short] with 1V OSC level. Is the compensation still valid?
No, the SHORT COMPEN value is invalid. The 4294A cannot measure DUT impedance below 48 ohms at OSC level setting over 500 mV.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Can the E4980A/ 4284A measure DUT when "Warning, ALC unable to regulate" is displayed?
Yes, the E4980A/ 4284A can measure DUT though the test signal level is not controlled at the ALC setting value.

FAQ 2010-01-26

How can I check for anomaly in test fixture when the E4980A/ 4263B/ 4284A/ E4981A fails in open/short compensation for a particular test fixture?

FAQ 2010-01-26

Anomalies connecting Keysight Intuilink 4395A to the 4395A, 4396B Analyzers

FAQ 2009-11-02

When the E4980A/4284A LCR meter displays "ALC unable to regulate" error message, what corrective action should be performed?

FAQ 2009-08-13

What should I perform when the 4287A displays an “OVLD” message?
First, check if the DUT has properly contacted the test fixture’s electrodes. If no contact error is found, check for a possible failure of the 4287A.

FAQ 2009-03-11

How can I clear an error message shown on the display of the 4294A/4395A/4396B by using GPIB command?
Send the "KEY 18" command to the instrument.

FAQ 2009-01-08

Why is "OVERLOAD" message sometimes displayed in Network Analyzer mode of the 4395A? How can I avoid this error message?
The OVERLOAD message on the 4395A Network Analyzer mode is often displayed when Sweep Start frequency is lower than 5 kHz and a wide IFBW is selected.

FAQ 2008-11-17

Why does the E4980A display OVERLOAD when DC bias current setting is above 20 mA?
If the DCI range has been set to 20 mA (default setting), change it to AUTO or 100 mA range.

FAQ 2008-11-12

What should I perform when the 4338B displays “OVLD” message?
"OVLD" is displayed when the measured impedance is out of the measurable range. If this message is displayed, please check whether the selected measurement range is appropriate

FAQ 2008-11-12

What should I do when the "OVLD" message appears on my 4339B?
"OVLD" is displayed on the LCD when the measured impedance is out of the measurable range.

FAQ 2008-10-29

How can I get the error code from the 4263B if the controller doesn't indicate a specific error code?
Send ":SYSTem:ERRor?" query and read the response to this query in character format.

FAQ 2008-09-24

What should I do when the "RF overload" message is displayed on the E4991A?

FAQ 2008-09-11

When does the 4339B display "OVLD"?

FAQ 2008-09-11

What should I perform when the "ADC OVERLOAD" message is displayed on the 4294A LCD during a measurement?
The ADC OVERLOAD error message is displayed when the detected signal level exceeds a normal range due to, for example, abrupt changes in DUT contact condition.

FAQ 2008-09-11

4294A sample programs don't work and error 173 "Active/System controller required." is displayed. How can I fix this symptom?
Since the SYSTEM ID of the 4294A has changed, depending on the firmware version, the program lines which refer to the SYSTEM ID needs to be modified.

FAQ 2008-09-11

How can I clear the data buffer memory of the E4980A when an error message "E90: Data buffer overflow" appears?
Use :MEM:CLE DBUF command or press "SAVE & STOP" softkey.

FAQ 2008-06-12

How does the E4980A operate when the USB stick memory overflowed?
The E4980A doesn't store new data into the USB memory.

FAQ 2008-06-12

How does the E4980A operate when the buffer memory overflowed?
The E4980A doesn’t store the subsequent data into the buffer memory.

FAQ 2008-06-12