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Troubleshooting Clock Jitter – Picotest
Troubleshooting Clock Jitter from Keysight Technologies and Picotest

Solution Brief 2016-07-18

Solutions for Measuring Permittivity and Permeability w/LCR Meters & Impedance Analyzers
This application note presents the technologies and methods for measuring permittivity and permeability. The document focuses on impedance measurement technology with the following advantages: Wide frequency range from 20Hz to 1GHz High measurement accuracy Simple preparations (fabrication of material, measurement setup) for measurement.

Application Note 2016-06-12

E4982A LCR Meter - Brochure
This brochure introduces overview of the E4982A LCR meter.

Brochure 2016-03-23

E5061B Network Analyzer, 100 kHz to 1.5 GHz/3 GHz, 5 Hz to 3 GHz - Brochure
This brochure introduces overview of the E5061B network analyzer, including its RF NA options (100 kHz to 1.5/3 GHz), LF-RF NA option (5 Hz to 3 GHz), and impedance analysis option.

Brochure 2016-03-23

E4981A Capacitance Meter - Brochure
This brochure provides an overview of the E4981A 120 Hz/1 kHz/1 MHz Capacitance Meter.

Brochure 2016-03-23

Characterizing MEMS Magneto-Impedance Sensor using the Keysight Impedance Analyzer
This application note describes the benefits of using Agilent impedance analyzers for device characterization of MEMS Magneto-Impedance (MI) sensors and how they improve design and test efficiency while offering a wide variety of design-automation tools and functions.

Application Note 2015-10-05

E4980A/ E4980AL Precision LCR Meter Service Guide
This Service Guide is a guide to servicing the E4980A & E4980AL 20Hz to 300kHz/ 500kHz/ 1MHz/ 2MHz Precision LCR Meter. The Service Guide provides information about performance test, adjustment, troubleshooting, and repairing the instrument.

Service Manual 2015-09-01

Wireless Power Transfer Analysis with Keysight ENA Series Network Analyzers - Flyer
This two-page flyer summarizes benefits of option 006 wireless power transfer analysis solution available in Keysight E5072A/E5061B/E5063A ENA series network analyzers

Promotional Materials 2015-09-01

MEMS On-wafer Evaluation in Mass Production - Application Note
This application note describes how to evaluate MEMS elements in the on-wafer stage in order to lower the total production cost in mass production.

Application Note 2015-08-27

Accurate Evaluation of MEMS Piezoelectric Sensor and Actuator using the 4294A - Application Note
This application brief describes the benefits of using the Keysight 4294A for device characterization of MEMS piezoelectric sensors and actuators, along with its wide variety of analysis functions and features and how it improves design efficiency.

Application Note 2015-08-26

Accelerate Your MEMS Device Development & Manufacturing Efficiency Using Impedance Test Instruments
This brochure describes a general overview of Keysight’s capabilities in MEMS device testing and generates awareness of Keysight impedance MEMS test solution to customer.

Brochure 2015-08-25

E4982A LCR Meter Web Help (User Manual, Operation and Programming)
This browser based help system can be accessed through internet. The contents are the same as the latest HTML help. The E4982A help includes the information of Quick Start, Specification, Operation and Programming.

Help File 2015-07-30

Characterizing Passive Components in Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Systems - Application Note
This app note describes passive components used in wireless power transfer systems and their requirements as well as measurement solutions using Keysight network analyzers and impedance analyzers.

Application Note 2015-07-16

Measurement of Capacitance Characteristics of Liquid Crystal Cell - Application Note
This short application note describes how to take best advantage of the 4284A's powerful features when measuring capacitance while varying an AC signal voltage applied tothe liquid crystal material under test.

Application Note 2015-06-22

Ferramentas de Teste de Mão - Brochura
Este documento é uma versão compacta da Brochura HH que fornece um rápido resumo de todos os modelos de ferramentas de mão.

Brochure 2015-06-18

ENA Series: Service & Support Home Page (Manual, Firmware)
ENA manual, firmware, upgrade and service support portal page.

User Manual 2015-06-01

16089A,B,C Kelvin Clip Leads 16089D Alligator Clip Leads Operation and Service Manual
The purpose of this manual is to enable you to use your Keysight 16089A, B, C, Kelvin Clip Leads and Keysight 16089D Alligator Clip Leads efficiently and confidently. This manual contains both general and specific information.

Operation Manual 2015-05-29

E4990A Impedance Analyzer PDF Help (For Firmware Rev. A.02.1x)
Printable PDF version of the E4990A help. Use this version to print out a hardcopy of the help contents.

Help File 2015-05-26

E4990A Impedance Analyzer HTML Help (For Firmware Rev. A.02.1x)
This can be downloaded for viewing on your PC. Download this file on the local hard disk of your PC. If you encounter a problem to view, right-click on the file, click Properties, then click Unblock.

Help File 2015-05-26

E4982A LCR Meter 1 MHz to 3 GHz - Product Fact Sheet
The Keysight E4982A LCR meter provides the best performance for the passive component manufacturing such as SMD inductors and EMI filters, where impedance testing at high frequencies is required.

Promotional Materials 2015-03-27

E4991B Impedance Analyzer Troubleshooting Guide
The troubleshooting guide provides troubleshooting information when operational problems are encountered on the E4991B.

Service Manual 2015-03-26

E4982A LCR Meter, 1 MHz to 3 GHz - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes standard configurations, options, accessories and upgrades information for the E4982A RF LCR Meter.

Configuration Guide 2015-03-20

Improving Speed and Accuracy in the Testing of BTS Filters and Duplexers - Application Brief
This application brief explains why the E5080A ENA Series Network Analyzer is the ideal solution for BTS filters and duplexers manufacturing test.

Application Note 2015-02-11

E4982A Installation Guide
The installation guide provides start up setup information when you use the E4982A for the first time and troubleshooting information when the Windows cannot be boot up.

Installation Manual 2015-02-01

Migrating from a Keysight 4284A LCR Meter to a Keysight E4980A Precision LCR Meter
This document provides 4284A & E4980A LCR Meter migration information product comparisons, common features, specifications and configuration information.

Technical Overview 2014-12-05

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