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Signal & Spectrum Analyzer Benchtop/Modular/Handheld Firmware Update Center
To access the most recent version of firmware or software for signal and spectrum analyzer - benchtop and handheld models.

FAQ 2020-09-19

Signal Analyzer LabVIEW Instrument Drivers
Supported models: N9000A, N9000B, N9010A, N9010B, N9020A, N9020B, N9030A, N9030B, N9038A, M9290A, N9040B, N9041B, M9420A, M9421A, N8973B, N8974B, N8975B, N8976B, M8920A

FAQ 2017-12-01

What comes standard or pre-configured in my NFA X-Series analyzer and what options are available at the time of initial purchase?
See the list by selecting the link...

FAQ 2016-04-08

What measurement applications can I install on my NFA X-Series Noise Figure Analyzer?
Short list can be found here...

FAQ 2016-03-03

How does the attenuation algorithm in the NFA work?
See this FAQ for details

FAQ 2014-01-31

On the Keysight NFA Series of Noise Figure Analyzers, is it possible to query the RF attenuator range while in the auto range mode?
The command to query the Keysight NFA RF attenuator while in the auto ranging mode is: DIAG:BLU:RF:RANG?

FAQ 2014-01-31

Is there a sample program for acquiring Noise Figure and Gain Data from the NFA Series of Noise Figure Analyzers?

FAQ 2014-01-31

Is it possible to improve the system noise figure and reduce the measurement uncertainty of the Keysight N897xA Series Noise Figure Analyzers when c...

FAQ 2014-01-31

What is the Noise Figure accuracy specification for measuring “my device”?
Keysight supplies a web-based noise figure measurement uncertainty calculator. More details about how to use this tool can be found here...

FAQ 2012-07-31

During a mixer noise figure test (NF) why are the NF and gain not equivalent to zero after a user calibration?
Details can be found here...

FAQ 2009-04-28

What is the minimum sensitivity of the N897xA NFA Series?
Sensitivity is not a specified parameter

FAQ 2009-02-09

How do I purchase the service manual for the NFA?
Order it as a 5*5 part number N8972-90004

FAQ 2007-05-16