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What do the various error codes on the 8970B Noise Figure Meter indicate?
Refer to the 8970B Error Message Data Sheet

FAQ 2009-02-09

How do I perform a User Calibration when utilizing a Keysight R347B or Q347B Noise Source with the N8975A Noise Figure Analyzer?
User calibration requires a second noise source as the operating frequency range for the R347B and Q347B is above the maximum input frequency for the N8975A...

FAQ 2009-02-04

Is there a method to improve measurement data correlation between the 8970B and the N897xA Series Noise Figure Analyzers (NFA)?

FAQ 2009-02-04

How do I remove the battery from the CPU board on an 8970B, Noise Figure Meter?
Step by step instructions can be found here...

FAQ 2009-01-30

How do I purchase the service manual for the NFA?
Order it as a 5*5 part number N8972-90004

FAQ 2007-05-16

How can I use the 8360 Series of Synthesizer as 8970B/S System LO?
To use the 8360 series of synthesizer as 8970B/S System LO, the language switch setting at the rear panel of the synthesizer should be set to 1...

FAQ 2002-10-25

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