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P-Series Power Meters

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N8262A P-Series Modular Power Meter and Power Sensors Technical Overview

Technical Overview 2007-06-04

N8262A P-Series Modular Power Meter Demo Guide

Demo 2007-05-12

P-Series Power Meter N1911A/N1912A IEEE 802.16 WiMAX™ Measurement Application
This article covers the technical overview and features, benefits and specifications of the P-Series power meters and sensors for IEEE 802.16 WiMAX measurement applications.

Application Note 2007-03-21

P-Series Power Sensor Internal Zeroing and Calibration for RF Power Sensors
This application note introduces different design technique of RF power sensors. The article further elaborates in detail of power sensor latest design “Internal Zeroing and Calibration” and its advantages.

Application Note 2007-03-14

P-Series Power Meter Real-Time Remote Control Video Demonstrations
The following videos demonstrate the features and capabilties of the P-Series power meters and sensors with real application signals.

Demo 2007-03-01

P-Series Power Meter and Sensors, Technical Overview
This technical overview covers the features, benefits and specifications for the P-Series power meters and sensors.

Technical Overview 2005-09-14

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