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How do I measure accurately below -60dBm using U2040 X-Series Sensor?
Click on the question above for recommended steps.

FAQ 2015-12-14

Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?
Most Keysight products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2014-08-01

Why are the 435/6/7/8A/B Power Meter, 53147/8/9A Microwave Counter/Power Meter/DVM, 70100A MMS Power Meter …
The 435/6/7/8A/B, 53147/8/9A, 70100A, E1416A and E7495A/B are incompatible with the N8480 Power Sensors because….

FAQ 2013-11-17

How are the Keysight 8481B and Keysight 8482B Power Sensors Connected to the Power Meter "POWER REF" Output during User Calibration?
The Keysight 8481B and 8482B power sensors are considered 'high power' sensors. They are specified to operate over an input level of 0 dBm to +44 dBm (1 mW to 25 W).

FAQ 2013-11-17

Can I substitute an E4419B for the 437 power meter required to perform the User Flatness Corrections with the 8360 series generator?
Only the E4418B can be substituted

FAQ 2012-06-07

How can I get the N1918A software to find and connect to a power meter located on a LAN connection?
You must setup the LAN connection first on Keysight’s Connection Expert

FAQ 2012-03-28

Why can’t the U2000 Series USB Power Sensors accurately measure the average power of some pulse modulated signals?
The U2000 Series USB power sensors cannot measure pulse modulated signals where the duty cycle is small or the pulse period is very long....

FAQ 2012-02-02

What is the difference between the STD and CFT options for the N848xA Power Sensors?
The N848xA option CFT behaves like legacy the 848xA power sensors. The option STD behaves like the Keysight E-series average power sensors….

FAQ 2011-11-10

Why can the N1913A/14A report more averages than expected for my resolution setting when automatic averaging is used?
Another measurement window could have been assigned with higher resolution value.

FAQ 2011-05-23

What is the output update rate of the Recorder Output?
Typically it is about 45 ms.

FAQ 2011-03-31

What is the difference between N1913/14A and E-4418/19B?
There is difference between N1913/14A & E4418/19B in term of outlook, feature, function & SCPI codes.

FAQ 2011-02-07

If I turn OFF the power meter, then turn in ON will the previous zero/cal information still be good?
Some power meters will retain their zero/cal information, some will not….

FAQ 2010-12-20

Are the N8480 series option CFT Power Sensors drop-in replacements for legacy 8480 series Power Sensors?
No, the N848xA option CFT power sensors are not drop-in replacements for the legacy 848xA power sensors with the 43x power meters….

FAQ 2010-10-19

How can I make an average RF power measurement on a pulsed RF signal with a very long PRI?
These types of measurements can be made using long average times….

FAQ 2010-10-07

What parameters do I use to setup the time gate to make gated measurements?
Gate Start: a minimum of 140 us after the pulse start, Gate End: a minimum of 40 us before the pulse end.

FAQ 2010-10-07

Where does V3500A source the power from when connected USB port with battery installed?
USB port power

FAQ 2010-10-07

Why can’t I make a gated measurement for a pulse width wider than 45 ms?
The current version of firmware can make gated measurements with a total time of 150 ms. However the gate length can not be greater than 45 ms.

FAQ 2010-09-20

What is the smallest frequency step size(resolution) for V3500A handheld power meter?
1MHz step size(resolution) can be done via programming method.

FAQ 2010-09-20

What average battery lifetime of lithium battery (1420-0394) which is located on N432A, N1911/12A, N1913A/N1914A & N8262A motherboard?
5 years

FAQ 2010-08-29

When I connect the U2004A USB power meter to my device I get a low level power measurement, even when there is no RF applied …
The U2004A power sensor is DC coupled. Any low frequency low level signal on your device may cause a low level signal.

FAQ 2010-08-09

I get the error message “Keysight U2000 Upgrade Utility has encountered a problem and needs to close” when I run the Keysight U2000 Upgrade Utility…
This problem may be due to a Microsoft ‘.NET’ problem. We recommend that .NET be removed, and then reinstalled onto the computer.

FAQ 2010-08-09

Why am I getting this message: "Certain features in the instrument firmware are currently not supported. Please refer to Keysight Web FAQ"…
The message "Certain features in the instrument firmware are currently not supported. Please refer to Keysight Web FAQ" appears because....

FAQ 2010-08-09

Why do the error messages "1105: Could not connect to License Server. Please restart application" and "1003: Failed to connect …
The error messages appear when the N1918A Power Analysis Manager is launched because the Keysight License Service sometimes does not start….

FAQ 2010-08-09

Can I use USB cable to charge my V3500A handheld power meter?

FAQ 2010-07-23

Can I use external power adaptor to charge my V3500A handheld power meter?

FAQ 2010-07-18

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