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How do I measure accurately below -60dBm using U2040 X-Series Sensor?
Click on the question above for recommended steps.

FAQ 2015-12-14

Can I retrofit option H75 or H76 on my 478A Coaxial Thermistor Mount sensor?
The option H75 and H76 can not be retrofitted on an existing 478A. Either of these options must be ordered at the time the 478A is originally purchased.

FAQ 2013-11-17

What is the correct linearity setting for V8486A & W8486A sensor?
The automatic selection must be overridden: select the D type linearity for this sensor.

FAQ 2010-05-10

How does the measurement accuracy of the N8480 series Power Sensors compare to that of the legacy 8480 series sensors?
The N848xA Power Sensors are as accurate if not more accurate than the legacy 848xA sensors they replace….

FAQ 2009-12-15

What is option H12 for the E4418B and E4419B EPM Series Power Meters?
Option H12 for the E4418B and E4419B EPM Series Power Meters provides an improved power level accuracy specification....

FAQ 2009-04-12

How do I set up the EPM-P E4416A or E4417A power meter with E932XA series power sensors to give the most accurate measurements at low power levels ...
If you are seeing suspect results, most likely the incorrect mode of operation has been selected. The dynamic range of the E932XA series sensors in Normal Mode is 65-70dB while in the Average-Only Mode is 80-85dB depending on sensor model.

FAQ 2005-04-20