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DAQ with Matlab for Medical Science - Case Study
Keysight data acquisition (DAQ) units can now work with MATLAB in medical research, as illustrated by the case study. This helps users to understand the basics of MATLAB programming in Keysight USB DAQ.

Étude de cas 2009-06-16

New USB Power Sensor Technology Uses Digitized Data To Provide Versatile Power Measurement
This article covers the digitizing technology behind each U2000 Series USB power sensor

Article 2007-05-01

Measuring Power Levels in Modern Communications Systems
This article explores the types of power measurements required by third-generation (3G) wireless communications systems, and highlights the contribution to the measurement accuracy that can be made by a properly designed test system.

Article 2002-06-19

Use A Sampling Power Meter To Determine The Characteristics of RF and Microwave Devices
This two-part article discusses triggering, data acquisition and peak-mode measurements using a sampling power meter

Article 2002-04-09