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How can I retrieve a license key or password for an oscilloscope or logic analyzer software option that I have previously purchased?
If you have your order number and certificate number, you can obtain the license key for your product at ...

FAQ 2011-10-23

Can I upgrade my older 1680-series logic analyzer from Windows® 2000 to Windows XP?
Yes. Part number 01680-68720 is a Motherboard Upgrade Kit for the 1680 series that contains everything you’ll need to perform the upgrade.

FAQ 2010-10-24

How can I update the BIOS on my Keysight Logic Analyzer?
The BIOS for all 1680, 16800, and 16900-series logic analyzers can be updated via a single BIOS update CD.

FAQ 2010-09-25

Can I upgrade my Windows® XP logic analyzer to Service Pack 3?
Yes, use version 3.80.0002 or greater of the Keysight Logic Analyzer application.

FAQ 2010-05-11

Can I upgrade my Windows® XP logic analyzer to Windows Vista?
No. The Keysight Logic Analyzer application is only supported under Windows Vista when used as an offline viewer or on a host PC.

FAQ 2010-01-25

Will all versions of the Keysight Logic Analyzer application run on Windows® 2000?
No, the highest version supported under Windows 2000 is 3.67.1009. Use 3.80.0002 or higher for Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista.

FAQ 2009-02-17

How do I open older Keysight Logic Analyzer application files in newer versions?

FAQ 2007-06-19

How do I perform a system recovery on a 1670-series logic analyzer?
If your 1670-series logic analyzer will not boot or is otherwise not working properly, it may be due to a corrupted operating system.

FAQ 2005-07-05

My PC cannot connect to the E9340A LogicWave. What steps may I take to resolve this?

FAQ 2004-06-08