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What are the part numbers for the cables necessary to create a multi-card logic analyzer module?
16753/4/5/6A, 16910/11A, and 16950/51A/B need 16754-60002. 16715/6/7/8/9A, 16740/41A, 16750/51/52A/B, and 16760A need 16715-60001.

FAQ 2009-05-25

Can I convert a 16500-series logic analyzer configuration to a 16900-series logic analyzer configuration?
Yes, for selected modules.

FAQ 2009-03-30

1670xA,1650xA,B,C: What is the part number for the Rack Mount Kit for my 16500/16700 Logic Analyzer?
5063-9216, which is still orderable

FAQ 2009-03-24

How do I declassify or sanitize my 1680- or 1690-series logic analyzer?

FAQ 2009-03-13

Will all versions of the Keysight Logic Analyzer application run on Windows® 2000?
No, the highest version supported under Windows 2000 is 3.67.1009. Use 3.80.0002 or higher for Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista.

FAQ 2009-02-17

During the connection of 1690 Series logic analyzers to PC through IEEE 1394 (Firewire), I experienced an error stating that there is an incompatib...
Here's how to update the acquisition firmware...

FAQ 2008-10-20

FPGA Application Information
Save days to weeks on your next FPGA design with these helpful tips.

FAQ 2008-07-18

How many ground connections do I need to make when using flying lead probes with a logic analyzer?
Generally speaking, the higher your data rate, the more ground connections you will need. We recommend that you use a minimum of one ground connection for every two signals

FAQ 2008-01-07

How Can I Verify That My Emulation Probe is Working Properly?

FAQ 2007-10-18

What is DigRF, and what are Keysight's DigRF test solutions?
See the linked document.

FAQ 2007-10-03

How do I open older Keysight Logic Analyzer application files in newer versions?

FAQ 2007-06-19

What probes are available for my logic analyzer?
Keysight offers the following four basic categories of logic analyzer probes...

FAQ 2007-06-01

How do I declassify or sanitize my 1660A-series logic analyzer?
This involves following a procedure that clears all user data from the instrument's memory.

FAQ 2007-06-01

Error message "No Configuration Loaded" When Loading Inverse Assembler
If a user were to save configuration/data files to disk, the mainframe would write the mainframe slot location of the instrument module into the saved file.

FAQ 2007-01-23

Is There A Cart Available For My 16700A Logic Analysis System?

FAQ 2006-10-19

What Kind of RS-232 Cable Should I Use with my Logic Analyzer?

FAQ 2006-10-19

How do I connect the Keysight E9340A to my personal computer?

FAQ 2006-10-19

I am Trying to FTP to My Logic Analyzer, What is the Login Name?

FAQ 2006-10-18

How do I configure my 16700-series logic analyzer to print to a printer on a Windows network?

FAQ 2006-06-28

What is the pin assignment for the 01650-63203 isolation adapter?

FAQ 2006-06-08

When my 168x/9x/9xx series logic analyzer triggers, it always displays data centered about the trigger position. Is there a way to change this beh...
Yes. Deselect the “Go to Trigger on Run” option.

FAQ 2006-05-23

Can I change the polarity of a bus or signal on my 1680/1690/16900 series logic analyzer?
Yes. To enable this option, go to the Buses/Signals tab of the Analyzer Setup window.

FAQ 2005-12-22

How do I declassify or sanitize my 54620A/C logic analyzer?

FAQ 2005-11-30

What information is available for my pattern generator’s clock pods and data pods?

FAQ 2005-11-10

How do I declassify or sanitize my 1670G-series logic analyzer?

FAQ 2005-11-06

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