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Infiniium EXR-Series - Powerful. Easy to Own. Intuitive to Use. - Data Sheet
The Infiniium EXR-Series of Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes offers eight models ranging in performance from 500 MHz to 2.5 GHz, 4 or 8 analog channels, and dozens of hardware and software options. The Infiniium EXR-Series is powerful, easy to own, and intuitive to use.

Data Sheet 2022-11-03

Installation Note, 2-Port N5224/5/7B and N5244/5/7B PNA Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) Version 7 S
To Upgrade 2-Port B models to 2-Port B models with Option 2S7 N5224BU-2S7 (for N5224B), N5225BU-2S7 (for N5225B), N5227BU-2S7 (for N5275B), N5244BU-2S7 (For N5244B), N5245BU-2S7 (For N5245B), and N5247BU-2S7 (For N5247B) Upgrade Kit Number: N5225-60142

Installation Manual 2021-03-01

FieldFox Security Features and Volatility Documentation, User’s Guide
Provides security features and Volatility documentation for all FieldFox models

User Manual 2021-03-01

User's Guides, Programmer's Guides, and Online Help (Version 06.60.00403)
This installer places an "Infiniium Docs" folder shortcut on your desktop. In this folder you can find user's guides, programmer's guides, and other manuals that go with Infiniium oscilloscope system software.

Help File 2021-02-12

EXE EXE 512.09 MB
B1500A Device Analyzer Self-Paced Training Manual
Self-paced training manual for B1500A Device Analyzer.

User Manual 2021-02-12

PDF PDF 20.56 MB
User documents for CX3300 Series Device Current Waveform Analyzer
Contains on-line help, user’s guide, and data sheet for the CX3300 series.

User Manual 2021-02-09

ZIP ZIP 158.54 MB
Programmers Guide for CX3300 Device Current Waveform Analyzer
Contains reference information to help you program Keysight CX3300 over the remote interface using the SCPI programming language.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2021-02-09

B1500 Series Device Analyzer Programming Guide
Covers programming basics, remote mode functions, programming examples, command reference, and error messages.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2021-02-05

B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer Quick Start Guide for 40 A/3000 V Application
Provides the step-by-step procedures for quickly understanding the overview of Keysight B1505A with Dual HCSMU and HVSMU for the test up to 40 A/3000 V.

Quick Start Guide 2021-02-05

B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer User's Guide
Describes the product overview, installation information, and accessory information of the B1505A.

User Manual 2021-02-05

B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer User's Guide
Covers the product overview, installation information, and specifications of the B1500A.

User Manual 2021-02-05

B1530A Waveform Generator/Fast Measurement Unit User's Guide
Covers product overview and installation information for Keysight B1530A. Also covers programming examples and reference information of Instrument Library for B1530A.

User Manual 2021-02-05

Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2021 - Technical Overview
The new Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2021 is the industry standard for signal integrity measurements and data post processing of high-speed interconnects, such as cables, backplanes, PCBs and connectors.

Technical Overview 2021-02-03

11683A Range Calibrator Operating and Service Manual
This operating and service manual contains information pertaining to incoming inspection, operation, performance tests, adjustments, and service for Model 11683A Range Calibrator.

Operation Manual 2021-02-02

N5991ST3A SATA 3 RX Test Automation N5991ST3E SATA 3 Link Training Suite and Debug Tool
SATA Receiver Test Automation Software.

Data Sheet 2021-02-02

Infiniium UXR-Series Real-Time Oscilloscopes User's Guide
This guide provides setup, usage, and Performance Verification procedures for Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscopes.

User Manual 2021-02-01

M8000 Series of BER Test Solutions - User Guide (Part No. M8000-91B08)
This document describes M8070B system software to control M8020A/M8030A/M8040A, the various supported modules, GUI usage and how to perform measurements.

User Manual 2021-02-01

PDF PDF 32.52 MB
M8000 Series of BER Test Solutions - Programming Guide (Part No. M8000-91B09)
This guide provides detailed information on (remote) programming the Keysight M8070B, including SCPI Command Language & Reference, including Programming Basics & Examples.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2021-02-01

PDF PDF 11.62 MB
N5511A Phase Noise Test System User's Guide
Information on the set-up and use of the N5511A phase noise test system.

User Manual 2021-02-01

PDF PDF 12.99 MB
Installation and Quick Start Guide, PNA Series Network Analyzers
This document helps to quickly familiarize yourself with the analyzer, and provides procedures for installing, configuring, and verifying the operation of the analyzer.

Quick Start Guide 2021-02-01

Minimize Noise Figure Uncertainties
This selection guide, which includes a brief noise figure primer and our current product lineup, is designed to help you find the best solution for your application.

Selection Guide 2021-01-27

N9048B PXE EMI Receiver - Data Sheet
Keysight PXE N9048B is a high-performance EMI receiver, and equipped with new RF preselector and LNA designs, which enable the PXE with industry leading sensitivity and dynamic range. PXE is fully compliant to CISPR 16-1-1 and MIL-STD 461, and is code compatible with N9038A MXE Series EMI receivers.

Data Sheet 2021-01-25

M980xA Series PXIe Vector Network Analyzer - Data Sheet
This literature describes the technical specifications for the M980xA Series PXIe Vector Network Analyzer.

Data Sheet 2021-01-22

PathWave Signal Generation - Brochure
Signal Studio reduces the time you spend on signal generation with Keysight's performance optimized signals and signal creation software. Learn more in this brochure.

Brochure 2021-01-21

U1281A/U1282A Handheld Digital Multimeter - Quick Start Guide
U1281A/U1282A Handheld Digital Multimeter Quick Start Guide (English)

Quick Start Guide 2021-01-21

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