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What are the default logins and passwords for the N9039A RF Preselector?
User name = instrument, Password = measure4u. See FAQ content for more details...

FAQ 2008-07-01

PNA Firmware; How do I upgrade Firmware?

FAQ 2008-06-29

Is it possible to parallel more than 2 units of the 42841A to expand bias current output range?
No. Instrument does not have firmware to control more than 2 units of the 42841A. In addition, connecting more than 2 units of the 42841A may cause an "OVLD" status due to possible imbalance of DC bias source and sink currents.

FAQ 2008-05-26

Can I use any instrument driver supporting the 4294A?
Yes. The LabView driver for the 4294A is available.

FAQ 2008-05-26

Is there a sample project that demonstrates the operation of the VPT501?
Yes, there are 2 sample projects to be found in the directory “Samples” in the program installation directory...

FAQ 2008-01-29

How can I find out the serial number of the VPT501?
Start the Configuration Tool. Click “Scan”. All VPT501 Hardware Devices found are listed...

FAQ 2008-01-29

Is it possible to save a full-sized screen capture, without the softkeys?
Yes... See content for details...

FAQ 2007-12-20

Is a screen capture software package available for the ESA Series spectrum analyzer?
The E4444A BenchLink Spectrum Analyzer software is a screen capture program that easily transfers measurement results from your ESA Series portable spectrum analyzer to a Windows-based PC.

FAQ 2007-12-20

How do I change Daylight Saving Time Settings on the ENA?
Keysight confirmed that Daylight Saving Time Setting can be changed with following procedure...

FAQ 2007-10-05

Configuring the Keysight ENA, I/O Libraries, and Intuilink for communications via Lan

FAQ 2007-07-10

How do I open older Keysight Logic Analyzer application files in newer versions?

FAQ 2007-06-19

How do I update the Scope Connect software and 3000 Series oscilloscope firmware?
Follow these instructions.

FAQ 2007-04-26

My Infiniium scope application is not running properly. Is there a way to reset it?
My Infiniium scope application is not running properly. Is there a way to reset it?

FAQ 2007-01-05

Using Keysight 8510C Calibration Kit Definitions on the 8720-series Analyzers

FAQ 2005-04-15

8510: Loading the 8510C Operating System Disk

FAQ 2005-04-15

Does the E7415A EMI Measurement software have support for Windows 2000 or Windows XP?
Yes, but there are some things to consider........

FAQ 2005-02-16

Does Keysight Technologies sell a product that enables remote control of a 8590 Series Spectrum Analyzer via a standard modem and telephone line?
Possible solutions can be found here....

FAQ 2004-08-27

How do I create and save a correction factor file for the 11909A?
See context for details.....

FAQ 2004-06-22

Can E4444A Benchlink be used with the 8590EM Series?
Yes, but see context for details and limitations...

FAQ 2004-06-22

Can the 8590EM Series do a LOG Frequency Sweep?

FAQ 2004-06-22

What Windows operating systems does the E7415A EMI Measurement software work under?

FAQ 2004-03-30

8753C and 8753D Learn Strings

FAQ 2003-11-04

Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscopes: Does the Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscope Work With VEE?

FAQ 2003-08-01

Why can I not see the signal on my 8560 Series spectrum analyzer in external mixing mode with the K35 option installed?
This is expected behaviour for a unit with option K35. Please click on this FAQ to learn more...

FAQ 2003-05-16

Is there an example program for acquiring Keysight ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer Family Trace Data via GPIB, ?
Yes - see attached file

FAQ 2003-05-13

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