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Can I upgrade my Windows® XP logic analyzer to Windows Vista?
No. The Keysight Logic Analyzer application is only supported under Windows Vista when used as an offline viewer or on a host PC.

FAQ 2010-01-25

For Xilinx FPGA Dynamic Probe, when should I use Xilinx Core Generator instead of Core Inserter?
Core Generator is usually preferable if you need partitions, since Core Inserter does not support partitions. Core Generator does support partitions but is much less convenient.

FAQ 2010-01-24

Can we control N9320B with N9320A PC software?
No, N9320A PC software cannot be used to control N9320B spectrum analyzer. Free N9320B PC software is available for download.

FAQ 2009-12-16

How do I declassify or sanitize my 16700-series logic analyzer?

FAQ 2009-10-21

Can I use the Quick Print button to quickly save my waveforms into the USB thumbdrive?
Yes, but with software version 5.10 and above you have to enable the feature...

FAQ 2009-08-17

Does U8903A unit contain a hard disk?
No. The U8903A is using flash memory as storage.

FAQ 2009-07-16

Does N9320B support Intuilink?
No, N9320B doesn’t support Intuilink. It does supports Benchvue software and BSA PC software.

FAQ 2009-07-13

Which modules do the various logic analyzer mainframes support?
Please see the Keysight 16900, 16700, and 16500 Mainframe/Module Compatibility Matrix.

FAQ 2009-06-26

Does the Measurement Manager (AMM) run on Window Vista operating system?
Yes. The Measurement Manager (AMM) rev. and above will able to run on Windows Vista ...

FAQ 2009-06-10

ESA-L1500A: Spectrum Analyzer Firmware Upgrade and Service Connector
A Keysight Service Center may be able to provide this service...

FAQ 2009-04-14

Will all versions of the Keysight Logic Analyzer application run on Windows® 2000?
No, the highest version supported under Windows 2000 is 3.67.1009. Use 3.80.0002 or higher for Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista.

FAQ 2009-02-17

Does the Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) support regional language settings other than English (US)?
Yes, the Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) supports regional language settings other than English (US)….

FAQ 2009-01-12

Can I write my own measurement personalities or downloadable programs (DLPs) for the E4406A, PSA Series, or ESA Series Analyzers?
No. We do, however, offer many tools to facilitate remotely interfacing of our instruments to a PC to write custom applications. We do also offer flexible digital demod through the 89601A software, and this software does have custom macro capabi...

FAQ 2008-11-21

Is it possible to get an error log of incorrectly sent remote commands to my PSA, E4406A, EMC, or ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer?
Yes. PSA, E4406A and the ESA Series (with firmware A.08.00 and later) support this. You may turn Verbose error logging on through the front panel or remotely, SYST:ERR:VERBOSE ON

FAQ 2008-11-21

Does the E4406A or PSA Series support an external keyboard or mouse?
The external keyboard port is only used to control the instrument during firmware upgrades. The user interface for the E4406A or PSA allows you to completely control the instrument via the front panel keys.

FAQ 2008-11-20

I use Keysight VEE and Labview and would like instrument drivers for the E4406A, PSA Series, ESA Series, and EMC Series. Where can I download VXI ...
The E4406A, PSA Series, ESA Series, and EMC Series new IVI-Com drivers as well as the older VXI Plug and Play drivers are available in the "Drivers and Software" section for each product.

FAQ 2008-11-20

Why do I get a message telling me that I need Option B72 when I try to load the latest version of firmware into my ESA Spectrum Analyzer?
Due to the increased number of features included, firmware versions A.08.02 or later require a larger amount of memory.

FAQ 2008-10-27

ESA Series L1500A: Spectrum Analyzer Chirping Noise
This noise is the ESA Series L1500A automatic alignment feature that realigns a small portion of the IF during each retrace (the time between sweeps).

FAQ 2008-10-08

ESA Series L1500A: Spectrum Analyzer Power-On Selection
The analyzer's power-on selection switch, located on the rear panel (immediately below the DC fuse), is probably set to PWR ALWAYS ON, instead of PWR NORM.

FAQ 2008-10-08

ESA Series L1500A: Spectrum Analyzer Screen Display Brightness

FAQ 2008-10-08

Is it possible to save multiple TDR traces and display them as waveforms on the oscilloscope for comparison to my current measurement?
It is possible to save multiple TDR traces as an internal format for future reference...

FAQ 2008-08-03

Is it possible to save a previous TDR measurement waveform and load as a comparison for my current TDR measurement?
It is possible to save a previous TDR measurement waveform and load it onto the oscilloscope as a comparison to the current measurement.

FAQ 2008-08-03

Can measurements be made on the saved waveforms?

FAQ 2008-08-03

Can I change the regional setting of Windows system running in the E5052B?
No, the default setting is "English (United States)" and the E5052B can not support the other setting.

FAQ 2008-07-18

Do I need to install Antivirus software on my N9039A RF Preselector?
This would be a matter of choice depending on your use and your IT department requirements...

FAQ 2008-07-01

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