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FieldFox Manuals, Firmware, Software and Product Support
Manuals, firmware upgrade, software trials & upgrade and support page for FieldFox analyzers

FAQ 2020-01-06

What cable do you recommend for the M9203A I/O and Sync connectors?
Keysight cable U5300A-102, one of which is included with every M9203A order. This is 1 meter long, with MMCX (male) to BNC (male) connectors.

FAQ 2019-08-16

What adapters come with a high frequency (44 to 50 GHZ) UXA (N9040B) or PXA (N9030B) mm-wave analyzers?
UXA and PXA millimeter wave analyzers are shipped with adapters to make it easier to connect to devices with 2.4 mm, 3.5 mm, SMA, and 2.92 mm (type K) connectors.

FAQ 2019-08-16

What are the Keysight equivalent model numbers for Centellax BERT products and test accessories?
Click on the question for full details of the equivalent model numbers.

FAQ 2017-07-13

How should I stack 2 PXI chassis for M9485A 2-chassis configuration?
It is recommended to use M9485-60003 1U spacer kit which is included in cable kit for two chassis configurations.

FAQ 2017-05-24

Is There a GPS Receiver for FieldFox?
GPS capability has been added to FieldFox starting from firmware revision A.05.33.

FAQ 2017-01-23

How should I set the "Adapter Setting" of the 4294A when using the 16089A/B/C/D/E?
Please set to "NONE".

FAQ 2015-06-09

What is the P/N of cable between E4980A and 42841A?
The current cable is p/n E4980-61640.

FAQ 2014-02-06

Do the U1251A and U1252A Digital Multimeters come with connectivity cables?
No, the U1251A and U1252A Digital Multimeters do not come with connectivity cables. The cable is an optional accessory…..

FAQ 2013-11-17

What are the range selector scale rings for the 435A and 435B legacy power meters?

FAQ 2013-11-17

Can I use the test probe leads marked with CAT III 1000V rating come together with the U1241A/U1242A/U1251A/U1252A/U1253A handheld Multimeter…
The test lead kit which currently marked with CAT III 1000V rating can be used with the multimeter at CAT IV 600V measurement environment...

FAQ 2013-11-17

What parts and accessories are available for my 10400A-series probe?

FAQ 2013-11-15

What type of USB cable do the 34405A Digital Multimeter use?
The 34405A Digital Multimeter use the USB type-A to type-B cable.

FAQ 2013-11-15

How do I upgrade my N1996A CSA Spectrum Analyzer?
Find information on Hardware Options, Measurement Personalities, Firmware Updates, etc...

FAQ 2013-07-16

How can I perform the calibration/compensation when I use the 16094A with a 7-mm connector extension cable?
It is recommended to perform the following compensation procedure...

FAQ 2013-06-05

What are the rack mount kit part numbers for the 86100 DCA?
Rack mount kits for 86100 DCA are available to purchase as stand-alone parts.

FAQ 2012-12-20

What mechanical calibration kits and ECal (electronic calibration) kits does the ENA support?
Please refer to following documents...

FAQ 2012-12-11

Is there 85039B calibration definition file for ENA?
Yes. 85039B cal kit definition is avaialble with the firmware revision 9.1 or above. You can also download the file from this page.

FAQ 2012-12-11

What power meters & sensors does the ENA support for power calibration?
Please refer to following documents...

FAQ 2012-12-11

How do I order the Infiniium oscilloscope hard drive replacement kit?
For Infiniium oscilloscopes with the Windows® XP operating system, the part number depends on the oscilloscope model number ...

FAQ 2012-11-13

Does the PXA (with Option EXM) support the 11970VE01 mixer (50 to 85 GHz)?

FAQ 2012-10-25

Is the N9068A phase noise application supported by N9030A PXA Option EXM external mixing?
Yes, the N9068A phase noise application is supported when using N9030A PXA Option EXM external mixing. In addition, Option EXM supports normal spectrum analyzer applications, including PowerSuite one-button measurements.

FAQ 2012-10-25

What external mixers will work with my PXA/mmW EXA and how do I order them?
Currently, the N9030A PXA/mmW EXA with Option EXM will work with either the 11970 Series (with the exception of the 11970K) or ) or external mixers from other vendors such a OML Inc. mixers.

FAQ 2012-10-17

Can I Use a LAN Connection with my FieldFox?
Yes. Read the scenarios...

FAQ 2012-08-20

Can I Use a USB External Storage Devices?
Yes. It is recommended to use FAT32 formatted drive.

FAQ 2012-08-17

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