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Four Measurements You Can Perform on the Go
This white paper discusses the importance of commonly made radio frequency field measurements: real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA), noise figure, over-the-air measurements (OTA), and cable and antenna test (CAT).

Application Note 2020-05-22

Smarter Airports: Field Assurance for Airports and Air Traffic Control Systems
Successful airport operation depends on numerous indispensable modern electronic devices and monitoring networks. With the rollout of 5G, service engineer teams responsible for field testing airport and air traffic control systems have to plan for a new era of smart, civil aviation. This white paper covers several monitoring systems found in the air transport industry and the field tests used to verify their performance.

Application Note 2020-05-16

Transmission Lines and Reflected Signals - Application Note
Teaching Lab #3:Transmission Lines and Reflected Signals University Engineering Lab Series - Lab 3

Application Note 2020-04-02

Autocalibration Improves DMM Measurement Stability and Accuracy - White Paper
Accurate measurements using a benchtop or a system DMM are critical to most applications. However, DMMs in real-life environments require self-calibration to ensure its measurements are consistently accurate over time including the ambient temperature changes. Learn more about how autocalibration improves DMM measurement stability and accuracy.

Application Note 2020-04-02

Multiport and Multi-site Test Optimization Techniques - Application Note
This app note gives an overview of multiport and multi-site test capabilities, how different multiport test solutions compare, and what should be considered when configuring a multi-site test station.

Application Note 2020-03-24

Network Analyzer Measurements: Filter and Amplifier Examples
The network analyzer is used for a variety of device and component characterization tasks in both laboratory and production environments.

Application Note 2020-03-19

Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy - The Y-Factor Method - Application Note
Specific to instruments that use the Y-factor method for noise figure measurements, this app note discusses measurement basics, avoidable errors, loss and temperature corrections, and uncertainties.

Application Note 2020-03-02

Spectrum and Signal Analyzer Measurements and Noise Application Note 1303
Noise is the classical limitation of electronics. In this application note, the characteristics of noise and its direct measurement are discussed in detail.

Application Note 2020-02-27

What is Frequency Response Analysis
With many of today’s electronic designs, performing frequency response analysis (FRA) is often necessary to ensure they meet performance requirements. Learn about what FRA is and how to set it up to further your testing.

Application Note 2020-02-05

Evaluating Battery Run-Down with the N6781A/N6785A Source/Measure Unit and the BV9200B Software
This application note will describe in detail the procedure on evaluating battery run down to easily and accurately evaluate the battery and battery-powered device.

Application Note 2020-02-02

Three Best Practices for Optimizing EVM Measurements for Wideband Signals - White Paper

Application Note 2020-01-31

PCIe 5.0 The Next Generation of Peripheral Component Interconnect - White Paper
Defining the Next Standard in Interconnect Technology

Application Note 2020-01-21

Four Channel Power Measurement Must-Haves for Your Field Kit - White Paper
Modern communications systems have complex modulation formats. This white paper covers four channel power measurements you should make in the field to ensure the performance and compliance of these systems.

Application Note 2020-01-19

Best Practices for Using the CX3300A’s Data Logger Mode for Long Duration Measurement
The CX3300A’s data logger mode records the precise current and voltage waveform at high sampling rate and offers quick analysis functions. This application note shows how effectively you can use them.

Application Note 2019-12-10

5 Things the E5080B Can Do (That the E5071C Can't) - White Paper
The Keysight E5080B vector network analyzer provides a more comprehensive solution for R&D and manufacturing test with useful features to simplify your device test.

Application Note 2019-12-03

Characterizing Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Serial Buses In Embedded Designs - Application Note
Learn about probing the hi-speed USB 2.0 serial bus and see some unique debugging tools and capabilities that can help you get your embedded designs to market faster.

Application Note 2019-11-26

Introduction to the FieldFox RF Analyzer - Application Note
FieldFox Fundamentals Lesson 1 — Introduction to the FieldFox RF & microwave analyzer

Application Note 2019-11-25

Techniques for Time Domain Measurements - Application Note
This application note explains common time domain and distance-to-fault measurement techniques using a network analyzer and provides measurement examples.

Application Note 2019-11-25

Top Five Reasons Why U2040 X-Series Power Sensors Are Ideal For Wireless Chipset Manufacturing Tests
This application brief details the top five reasons why the X-Series wide dynamic range power sensors are the ideal solution for wireless chipset manufacturing tests

Application Note 2019-11-22

Ditch the Switch for Multiport Measurements - White Paper
This white paper covers the four ways a modular multiport vector network analyzer (VNA) helps you address modern measurement challenges.

Application Note 2019-11-19

Viewing Graphical Results on a DMM Display - Application Note
The Keysight 34461A offers a way to get insight into your measurement data without transferring your data to a PC.

Application Note 2019-11-18

Spectrum Analysis and the Frequency Domain - Application Note
FieldFox Fundamentals Lesson 2 — Spectrum analysis and the frequency domain using FieldFox handheld analyzers

Application Note 2019-11-15

Practical Temperature Measurements - Application Note
This application note explores the more common temperature measurement techniques and introduces procedures for improving their accuracy.

Application Note 2019-11-14

Investigate Interference Issues in the Field with RTSA - White Paper
Interference is everywhere — and traditional analysis isn’t reliable. This white paper discusses interference sources, the flaws of traditional analysis, and how RTSA aids interference detection.

Application Note 2019-11-06

Effective Multi-tap Transformer Measurement using a Scanner and the 4263B LCR Meter – App Note
This application note shows an effective multi-tap transformer measurement using a scanner and the 4263B LCR Meter.

Application Note 2019-11-05

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