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Automated Test / Board Test User Groups (ATUG / BTUG)
These User Group meetings (ATUG / BTUG) are usually held in May timeframe in Cleveland Ohio.


Events - US and Canada Tradeshows, Seminars, Webinars
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TS-5400 Series II Advanced User Training
In the advanced user class the programmer learns to create their own actions, hardware handlers and user interfaces. This class requires knowledge of C and Visual Basic programming.

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i3070 UnMuxed User Fundamentals II
In this course, test developers learn to customize tests, generate custom test models and receive an introduction to many of the optional test tools available on the i3070.

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Keysight TS-5400 Series II Developers Training
This class is an introduction to TestExec SL and the TS5400 series library’s. Topics covered include hardware and software architecture, built in diagnostic routines and hands on use of the TS5400 series platform.

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Boundary Scan for Testing On-Board DDRs Webcast

Matériel de formation 2013-09-27

Boundary Scan Online Training
Get up to speed on boundary scan! Access online training materials for boundary scan from the comfort of your desk!

Matériel de formation 2010-01-28

Keysight Medalist Bead Probe Technology Webcast (recorded)

Matériel de formation 2007-01-24

Medalist Quality Tool
A tutorial is included with the Medalist Quality Tool software. Use the tutorial to gain a basic understanding of the application and ideas on how to use the Keysight Quality Tool to improve yield at your manufacturing facility.

Matériel de formation 2003-07-31

Keysight Repair Tool Tutorial
This tutorial is specific to Keysight Repair Tool products operation and programming.

Matériel de formation 2002-06-15