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How to Troubleshoot Losing Heart Beat Issue on i3070
Losing Heart Beat (LHB) is a common i3070 system failure and is very difficult to troubleshoot. This application note explains how the heartbeat is monitored in the system and what are the potential causes of it, and finally, the troubleshooting strategy.

Notes d’application 2020-10-26

Process Capability Index (CPK) in i3070
Guideline to set the right CPK target in i3070 test.

Notes d’application 2020-08-11

Transition from 66xx to N67xx Series on i3070 In-Circuit Test Systems
This application note provides technical details on the major differences between the Keysight 662xA and N67xx DUT power supplies used in Keysight i3070 ICT system, in order to help users develop new or migrate existing programs to the new systems.

Notes d’application 2020-08-04

New i3070 Series 6 is 1.5x faster!
The new Keysight’s i3070 Series 6 ICT is the latest test solution that meets manufacturing demands built upon the latest Control XTPB Card, software supporting Pathwave Manufacturing Analytics, Industry 4.0 Connected Factory Exchange IPC-CFX 2591 and machine to machine connectivity IPC-Hermes 9852

Notes d’application 2020-07-14

ICT PC Controller Upgrade
Technology upgrade for PC controller bundle with service.

Brochure 2020-06-09

Using Measurement Sensor
There are several methodologies to detect the correctness of board placement on the test fixture. One of the method is to use the measurement sensor to prevent the board get damage.

Notes d’application 2020-06-03

Vectorless Test: nanoVTEP vs VTEP
This application note summarizes some of the results of Vectorless Test Enhanced Probe (VTEP) early tests conducted at customer sites.

Notes d’application 2020-04-29

Control XTPB Upgrade Agreement
Technology upgrade for control XTPB card bundle with service.

Matériel de promotion 2020-04-29

Control Tower Stack Light
Users can control the Stack light indicator and buzzer using the testplan based on their preferences during production.

Notes d’application 2020-04-03

i3070 Series 6 - Data Sheet
The Keysight i3070 Series 6 In-Circuit Test (ICT) system is designed for your Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) manufacturing. This system is Industrial 4.0 ready and caters to in-circuit testing for a wide range of PCBA sizes and applications such as Internet of Things, 5G Communication, Automotive and Energy.

Fiche signalétique 2020-03-09

Software Verifier for nanoVTEP i3070 In-Circuit Tester
The software verifier revision 6.0 is a utility tool for verification of the nanoVTEP signal conditioner board (mux card) and its probe. This application note describes the steps to download, execute, and interpret its test results.

Notes d’application 2020-01-23

PCBA Manufacturer Shifts Gears for Autonomous Driving with Keysight ICT
Leading printed circuit board assembly manufacturer tests 15 million automotive boards with almost no downtime, exceeding its test target.

Étude de cas 2020-01-07

Doubling Production Throughput with i3070 Advanced Throughput Multiplier - Application Note
This application note describes what it takes to upgrade an existing i3070 Series 5 system (both offline and inline) to enable the advanced throughput multiplier feature. It addresses test program development, debugging procedures, test throughput improvement results, and other benefits.

Notes d’application 2019-11-22

Medalist i3070 and 3070 In-circuit Test Fixture Accessories - Catalog
View the catalog for Keysight i3070 and 3070 in-circuit test (ICT) fixture accessories.

Catalogue 2019-11-19

Medalist i3070 LED Test - Technical Overview
The Keysight Medalist i3070 light emitting diode test suite delivers excellent repeatability and accuracy in LED color and luminosity measurements and superior throughput during i3070 in-circuit test.

Présentation technique 2019-11-12

Production Throughput Doubles with Keysight i3070 Advanced Throughput Multiplier - Case Study

Étude de cas 2019-11-01

Electronic Calibration (ECal) Modules for Vector Network Analyzers - Technical Overview
This product overview describes the electronic calibration (ECal) module families - N4690 Series (2-port microwave ECal), 85090 Series (2-port RF ECal), and N4431B (4-port RF ECal). It also provides information on their compatibility with various Keysight vector network analyzers, technical specifications, and ordering information.

Présentation technique 2019-10-25

Plug and Play i3070 using IPC-CFX - Application Note
Keysight’s i3070 In-Circuit test system supports Industry 4.0 machine to machine communication protocol of IPC-CFX standard, as well as other communication protocols such as MQTT, OPC-UA and Panasonic’s iLNB.

Notes d’application 2019-10-21

Automated InLine FlexiCore System - Flyer
The Keysight FlexiCore System is an innovative approach to bring the best of both In Circuit Test and Functional test into your manufacturing test solution. With ever-increasing cost pressures and demand for better product quality, the Keysight FlexiCore System offers a flexible architecture that allows you to maximize test applications in a small form factor with full SMEMA and IPC-CFX conforming inline automation.

Brochure 2019-09-24

Enhancing Manufacturing Agility to Keep Pace with Accelerating Change - Case Study
Demand for advanced automotive systems is driving change in electronic design and requires agility in manufacturing. Keysight helped a major PCBA manufacturer get ready for their automotive future.

Étude de cas 2019-09-20

x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer - Technical Overview
The Keysight x1149 boundary scan analyzer brings you better coverage, better diagnostics and best-in-class usability to your work bench to meet your boundary scan test needs.

Présentation technique 2019-09-19

ECal Modules Security Features and Volatility Documentation
ECal Modules Security Features and Volatility Documentation

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2019-09-01

i3070 In-Circuit Test System Onsite Agreement - Data Sheet
Keysight's system onsite agreement provides short term rental of the i3070 system, preconfigured according to the customer’s needs, together with the latest hardware and software.

Fiche signalétique 2019-08-30

Keysight Technologies On-Site Now! - Flyer
The new approach provides customers with live support from a Keysight expert consultant, enabling the on-site engineer to do the repairing and preventing any miscommunications that may arise when using mobile phones and Web conferencing.

Matériel de promotion 2019-08-27

Keysight x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer on YouTube

Démonstration de base 2019-07-16

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