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Three Key Trends in Data Center Interconnects reach 400G Speeds and Beyond
Traditionally, coherent optical technology has been too expensive to use in data center interconnects, which are typically less than 80 km apart. New photonic integrated circuits and standards, such as 400ZR and IEEE 802.3ct, will enable physically separated data centers to cost effectively increase speeds to 400 Gb/s. These standards will ensure efficiency when sharing resources, balancing workloads, and scaling capacity.

eBook 2019-09-10

Coherent Optical Component Test Enables 1.2 Terabit Applications - Case Study
Using Keysight’s state-of-the-art test equipment, NeoPhotonics successfully validated the performance of its 64 GBaud components, including its new 400ZR COSA, almost one year before the availability of DSP silicon for the transceivers. Without Keysight equipment, NeoPhotonics had no way of testing and assessing the performance of their components.

Case Study 2018-12-11

HUAWEI demonstrates 112 Gb/s PAM-4 optical signal transmission with M8196A AWG
112 Gb/s PAM-4 Optical Signal Transmission over 100-m OM4 Multimode Fiber for High-Capacity Data-Center

Article 2016-12-05

PCI Express Receiver Testing Responds To New Challenges - Article
PCI Express Receiver Testing Responds To New Challenges

Article 2015-03-24

AWG article - MWJ product feature
AWG article - MWJ product feature

Article 2014-10-14

Jitter Analysis: The Dual-Dirac Model, RJ/DJ, and Q-Scale - Application Note
This paper provides a complete description of the dual-Dirac model, how it is used in technology standards and a summary of how it is applied on different types of test equipment.

Article 2014-06-14

Lightwave Tutorial Series on Complex Optical Modulation - Article
Keysight offers a tutorial series on complex optical modulation featured in Lightwave magazine, featuring for example the challenges of coherent signal detection.

Article 2014-05-22

Time-domain pulse shaping for increased spectral efficiency - Article
This article elaborates on the conditions needed to prevent the effects of ISI and on the use of different filtering techniques for the purpose of bandwidth and signalcontainment.

Article 2013-11-13

ECOC 2013 video interview with Stefan Loeffler
Review of the ECOC 2013 Exhibition in London

Article 2013-11-13

Is the 5th Harmonic Still Useful for Predicting Data Signal Bandwidth?
This article, published in High Frequency Electronics, compares using the 5th harmonic to using the system rise/fall times to determine the required bandwidth for your system. The article begins on page 18.

Article 2009-01-01

Customer Testimonial for ParBERT - Case Study
Customer Testimonial Video for ParBERT applications.

Case Study 2001-07-26