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N7509A Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 2008-01-08

How do I configure Keysight I/O cards and converters to work with the National Instruments software?
There are a few, simple steps that you need to take to make National Instruments software work with Keysight I/O cards and converters.

FAQ 2007-12-09

IO Libraries Suite: What are the terms of the Licensing Grant?
For every individual Keysight instrument, Keysight hardware I/O product (including Keysight GPIB cards and Keysight I/O converters)…

FAQ 2007-01-08

T&M Toolkit: Will T&M Toolkit tell me whether or not I have a driver for that instrument?
The T&M Toolkit tells you about the instrument drivers you have installed via the Instrument Explorer.

FAQ 2006-05-24

T&M Toolkit: What if I don't have an instrument connected?
You can program instruments whether they are there or not - just manually add an instrument by configuring a new drivers session.

FAQ 2006-05-24

T&M Toolkit: What buses does Instrument Explorer search?
GPIB, VXI and USB. RS-232 and LAN are configurable but are not searched.

FAQ 2006-05-24

VEE Pro: Can I evaluate VEE?
Yes, Keysight offers a free trial evaluation of VEE Pro.

FAQ 2004-12-30

VEE Pro: Ca Keysight VEE Pro handle complex tasks?
Keysight VEE Pro provides a full-featured, professional development environment designed to handle large, complex test systems.

FAQ 2004-10-26

VEE Pro: How easy is it to use VEE Pro?
The difference between VEE Pro and other programming languages is the ease of use.

FAQ 2004-10-26

VEE Pro: Why Choose VEE Pro?
In a word, productivity.

FAQ 2004-10-26

Does the Keysight 34401A have a LAN IO Connection?
No. However, if you require Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity, consider the Keysight E5810A LAN-to-GPIB gateway.

FAQ 2004-09-23

How can I ensure spurious free microwave measurements below 22 GHz when using a 70908A?
Click here for information

FAQ 2004-08-23

Where Can I Find Additional Books for HP VEE?

FAQ 2004-08-09

Keysight 3852 Communications With an E2071C GPIB Card
Newer GPIB interfaces (e.g. E2071, 82341) are capable of very fast performance. On rare occasions, some slower instruments have exhibited problems when connected to these high-speed interfaces. ..

FAQ 2004-08-09

I'm Currently Using SICL and Don't Want to Change. What Are Keysight's Plans for SICL?
Keysight is committed to supporting and maintaining SICL.

FAQ 2004-07-19

TS5400: Who can I call for special customization?

FAQ 2004-02-17

Sample Basic 82341C and E2050A Auto Start Configuration

FAQ 2003-11-04

VEE: What is Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)? How Can I Use DDE to Talk with Another Application?

FAQ 2003-11-04

VEE: Why Won't HP VEE Talk to an Instrument or Device on One of My Serial Ports?

FAQ 2003-07-22

VEE: How Do I Configure Direct IO for RS-232?

FAQ 2003-07-07

The Keysight 3852A and Multiple Interrupts

FAQ 2002-11-27

VEE: How can I input the range of multiple traces into a Graph Object?
You can add a Traces control input pin. Refer to example programs.

FAQ 2002-11-25

VEE: How Can I Compute Recursive Equations?

FAQ 2002-06-27

Scan Speed Using the 44702A and the 44710A

FAQ 2002-06-27

VEE: How Do I Change the Formula in my Formula Object While I Am Taking Data?

FAQ 2002-06-27

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