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AP0200A Vehicle Network Interface, 2x CAN-FD User Guide
User Guide for AP0200A Vehicle Network Interface, 2x CAN-FD

Manual do usuário 2020-09-29

Open Source License Compliance
BT2200 Charge-Discharge Platform - Open Source License Compliance

Nota de aplicação 2020-09-29

AE6910R Automotive Ethernet 100/1000 Mb Rx Compliance Software
Installation and user guide AE6910R Automotive Ethernet 100/1000 Mb Rx Compliance Software

Manual do usuário 2020-09-29

AP1200A Multi-Protocol Vehicle Network Interface User Guide
User Guide for AP1200A Multi-Protocol Vehicle Network Interface

Manual do usuário 2020-09-28

E8740A Automotive Radar Signal Analysis and Signal Generation User guide
E8740A Automotive Radar Signal Analysis and Signal Generation Solutions including ETSI standards and Interference tests

Manual do usuário 2020-09-23

PDF PDF 13.61 MB
Automotive Ethernet Channel Compliance
Harness, connector, cable testing for Automotive Ethernet devices,AE6910L,AE6900L

Folha de Dados 2020-09-16

E8718A Radar Target Simulator
Automotive radar target simulator with remote radio heads, or front ends, for automotive radars operating between 76 GHz to 81 GHz. Simulate up to 3 objects, distance, relative speed (Doppler), and make occupied bandwidth measurements.

Folha de Dados 2020-08-27

M8920A PXIe Radio Test Set - Data Sheet
This document provides specifications for M8920A Radio Test Set, which combines PXI hardware with application-specific software in a single chassis, providing multi-format coverage for radio testing.

Folha de Dados 2020-08-20

PDF PDF 752 Bytes
Understanding the Differences Between Oscilloscopes and Digitizers for Wideband Signal Acquisitions
This white paper compares the use of oscilloscopes and wideband digitizers for wideband signal applications.

Nota de aplicação 2020-08-19

Tx Automotive Ethernet Compliance Application - Data Sheet
The Keysight AE6910T performance validation and conformance application provides you with an easy and accurate way to verify and debug your automotive Ethernet 1000Base-T1 designs

Folha de Dados 2020-08-17

BT2200 Charge-Discharge Platform - Data Sheet
Data sheet for the BT2200 Charge-Discharge Platform

Folha de Dados 2020-08-07

PDF PDF 755 Bytes
Understanding FMCW Automotive Radar
In this application note, we will look at frequency modulated continuous waveform (FMCW) radar technology in detail, particularly the wideband 76-81 GHz range. We will describe how you can use Keysight’s solutions to test your designs to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, repeatability, and most importantly, ensure that your devices work to the highest safety standards possible.

Nota de aplicação 2020-07-23

Keysight Serial Protocol Driver Installation Manual
Guide for Keysight Serial Protocol Driver Installation

Manual de instalação 2020-07-16

Automotive Ethernet Automated Receiver Testing Compliance
The downside of NOT testing is huge, the risks the problems, a recall or safety related issue can be catastrophic, testing to stringent standards can prevent. Keysight has an automated application to ensure proper test configuration and valid, repeatable measurement results

Demonstração 2020-07-15

Overview of Keysight Automotive Ethernet Transmit Solution
The Ethernet touches many aspects of our lives — including the automotive platform. The AE69010T software gives you a simple way to setup and test against the required standards. The software provides compliance tests for three different data rates, two different standards bodies

Demonstração 2020-07-15

Latency in Automotive Ethernet Switches
Latency is critical in automotive Ethernet systems. See how Keysight protocol decode & trigger application to measure latency in your switch.

Demonstração 2020-07-15

M8920A PXIe Radio Test Set Measurement Guide
Measurement information for the M8920A PXIe radio test set.

Manual do usuário 2020-07-01

X-Series Multi-touch Signal Analyzer N9093 Radio Test Mode Online Documentation (webhelp)
Online documentation that includes programming information, SCPI commands, and more.

Arquivo de ajuda 2020-06-18

Latency in Automotive Ethernet Switches
Automotive Ethernet systems rely on speed and timing. Knowing the latency of the overall network is critical. See how to utilize Keysight protocol decode and triggering application to measure the latency in your switch

Nota de aplicação 2020-06-18

M8920A PXIe Radio Test Set - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide provides hardware and software options for the M8920A PXIe Radio Test Set solution, which provides the essential components of the radio test system in a single flexible and scalable chassis.

Guia de configuração 2020-06-15

PXI & AXIe Instruments, Software, Reference Solutions and Services - Brochure
This brochure provides an overview of Keysight's PXI & AXIe instrument, software, solutions and services offering.

Brochura 2020-06-02

AE6910T Method of Implementation and User’s Manual
User’s manual and MOI AE6910T automotive Ethernet Tx tests

Manual do usuário 2020-05-20

TS-5040 Functional Test System The perfect base for your turnkey solutions
The Keysight TS-5040 Functional Test System is an ideal base for customers' turnkey solutions.

Folha de Dados 2020-04-16

GPIB, USB and Instrument Control for Easy PC-to-Instrument Connections - Data Sheet
Choose the best way to connect your PC to current instruments and take advantage of PC-standard interfaces. This family data sheet will give you the information you need to know about Keysight's I/O hardware products.

Folha de Dados 2020-03-26

Automotive Ethernet: Enabling the Future of Autonomous Driving
Autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) need higher bandwidth and lower latency. Automotive Ethernet is the new backbone for faster onboard networking.

Nota de aplicação 2020-03-12

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