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Technical Support

Electronic Measurement

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Operating System Support by VEE Version
This matrix shows which Keysight development environments are supported on which operating system revisions.

Selection Guide 2011-11-11

VEE Comparison Table
Keysight VEE Comparison Table

Selection Guide 2011-11-11

U1905A and U1901A GS-8800 Series Software & Technical Support Contracts
Keysight software and technical support contracts (STSCs) help you keep pace with fast-moving developments in LTE, maximize the potential of your powerful R&D tools, and protect your investment.

Selection Guide 2011-05-10

N8993A and N1960A GS-8800 Series Software and Technical Support Contracts
This product overview provides information on the available software and technical support contracts for the GS-8800 systems.

Selection Guide 2010-10-17

DCA Selection and Configuration Guide

Selection Guide 2010-06-09

Fault Detective Pricing Guide
Select the Fault Detective pricing option that makes the most sense for your company.

Selection Guide 2010-04-29

Switch System Configurator
Use this configurator to define a switching solution with switches, controllers and accessories. Start by selecting if you want to use a Standard Platform, Build your Own with individual components or a Custom Solution

Selection Guide 2010-04-06

U7242A Fixture Characterization test report by Gigatest Labs
U7242A Fixture Characterization test report by Gigatest Labs

Selection Guide 2009-11-16

USB 3.0 interconnect and de-embed characterization services available from Gigatest Labs

Selection Guide 2009-11-16

Scalar Network Analyzer, Migrating from Scalar to Vector Network Analyzer Systems, Selection Guide
This selection guide provides information to help you migrate from scalar analyzers to vector network analyzer systems.

Selection Guide 2009-10-29

Module Select & Compare Guide

Selection Guide 2007-10-03

PNA and ENA Network Analyzer Frequency Converter and Mixer Test
Solutions for calibrated frequency-offset measurements.

Selection Guide 2007-08-24

Features Table for Keysight VEE Express - Selection Guide
The following table shows the differences between Keysight VEE Pro and Keysight VEE Express.

Selection Guide 2007-01-31

34980A Accessories
Get part numbers for terminal blocks, 50- or 78-pin Dsub cables/connector kits, rack mount kit and more.

Selection Guide 2004-09-20

Keysight VEE Pro Resources
VEE Users' Group (vrf), Channel Partners, Developers, Consultants, drivers, manuals, downloads, FAQs, etc...

Selection Guide 2003-06-01

GPIB adapter options for difficult cabling situations
The 10834A GPIB to GPIB adapter will solve the majority of GPIB cabling issues when the GPIB cable interferes with the backplane of the computer or instrument.

Selection Guide 2002-12-01

Coaxial Connector Overview
This is a brief review of common connectors used in test and measurement applications.

Selection Guide 2000-12-07

70000 Series Selection Guide

Selection Guide 1998-01-01


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