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The following high-speed digitizers products are now provided by Acqiris.

Selection Guide 2017-08-08

High-Speed Digitizers - Selection Guide
This selection guide presents the range high-speed digitizer in AXIe, PXIea and PCIe form factor.

Selection Guide 2017-04-25

Signal Generator Selection Guide
This selection guide provides an overview and side-by-side comparisons to help determine which signal generator is right for you.

Selection Guide 2015-02-25

I/O Connectivity - Selection Guide
The selection guide for Keysight I/O connectivity products. Includes a color-coded selection table to match Keysight instruments to the recommended I/O connectivity

Selection Guide 2014-07-31

Migration to New Models Compatibility Information

Selection Guide 2014-04-07

Data Acquisition and Switching Platforms Select and Compare Table

Selection Guide 2014-04-07

Research Papers: Academic publications on use of Keysight high-speed digitizers
Summary of scientific papers which provide a wide range of data on where and how Keysight high-speed digitizers are used in the advanced research experiments.

Selection Guide 2012-06-11

Select &Compare for all modules

Selection Guide 2010-06-13

Select & Compare for 34970

Selection Guide 2010-06-13

Switch System Configurator
Use this configurator to define a switching solution with switches, controllers and accessories. Start by selecting if you want to use a Standard Platform, Build your Own with individual components or a Custom Solution

Selection Guide 2010-04-06

U2500A Series Side-by-Side Comparison
Keysight's U2500A Series Side-by-Side Comparison

Selection Guide 2008-10-30

U2600A Series Side-by-Side Comparison
Keysight's U2600A Series Side-by-Side Comparison

Selection Guide 2008-10-28

USB Data Acquisition Side-by-Side Comparison

Selection Guide 2007-11-11

Module Select & Compare Guide

Selection Guide 2007-10-03

Product Comparison - Multiplexer Modules
Product Comparison - Multiplexer Modules

Selection Guide 2007-03-02

U2300A Series Side-by-Side Comparison
Keysight U2300A Series side-by-side comparison.

Selection Guide 2006-11-14

34980A Accessories
Get part numbers for terminal blocks, 50- or 78-pin Dsub cables/connector kits, rack mount kit and more.

Selection Guide 2004-09-20

Product Comparison - 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition Control Unit Modules
Product Comparison - 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition Control Unit Modules.

Selection Guide 2003-07-28

GPIB adapter options for difficult cabling situations
The 10834A GPIB to GPIB adapter will solve the majority of GPIB cabling issues when the GPIB cable interferes with the backplane of the computer or instrument.

Selection Guide 2002-12-01