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N3243A Designing Wireless LANs Using Advanced Design System

3   Days | Formation en classe

Audience: Technical staff working in the communications industry, seeking in-depth understanding of the 802.11a WLAN technology and its implementation in ADS.

This 3-day course provides a detailed presentation of WLAN 802.11a technology and its implementation in ADS. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex is described, as the enabling technology for WLAN applications. The 802.11a-compliant signal source implementation in ADS is then presented. System level measurements are also covered for both transmitters and receivers, like Tx EVM and Rx BER measurements. Connected solutions applications for WLAN systems are part of the hands-on labs. WLAN signals are downloaded into the ESG signal generator and read back into ADS using the 89600 VSA.

What you will Learn

  • OFDM technology
  • 802.11a signal source implementation in ADS
  • EVM measurements
  • BER measurements
  • Interfacing ADS with ESG (downloading signals into ESG)
  • Interfacing ADS with 89600 VSA (reading signals from VSA into ADS)


  • Signal Processing Using ADS (N3206A/B) - required
  • Using ADS Communications System Designer (N3202A/B/W) - recommended


    • OFDM Technology and its implementation in ADS, presentation and hand-on lab
    • 802.11a Signal Source in ADS, presentation
    • 802.11a Signal Source, hands-on lab
    • Tx EVM, presentation and hands-on lab
    • Rx BER and Sensitivity Measurements, presentation and hands-on lab