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Electronic Measurement Course Calendar for Europe

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Some courses are only scheduled at Keysight locations when there is sufficient demand, but most of our courses can be taught at your site. They may also be customized to meet your particular needs. Contact your local Keysight representative for more information on our dedicated or custom course offerings.

Thank you for your interest in Keysight's scheduled training.
Currently, there are no courses scheduled in your country

  • For more information on these and other courses, visit the Complete List of Courses.
  • Or enroll by calling:
    Ireland: +353 1890 924 204
    UK: +44 (0) 7004 666666

Où et quand

Price Lieu Téléphone Pour de plus amples renseignements
call for price Europe +1 877 894-4414 Comment s'inscrire
call for price Europe +1 877 894-4414 Comment s'inscrire

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