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H7240A/B-200 High Performance Logic Analysis Techniques

2   Дни | Обучение в классах | Где и когда | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Hardware engineers, software engineers, technicians, or anyone who wants to better understand methods for solving digital design problems with hardware cause using Logic Analyzers.

Learn to use the 16700A series of Logic Analysis tools to observe and analyze not only one component but also many independent devices in a system. Learn network connectivity, triggering and storage, symbols and filters for post processing, analog, state and timing analysis for system debug, and more.

What you will Learn

  • MP C860 based training board
  • 16702A Logic Analyzer with
  • 16557D 1325Mhz State Analyzer and 500Mhz Timing Analyzer
  • 16534A 2Gsa/sec Oscilloscope
  • 16522A 200Mbits/sec Pattern Generator
  • 16610A Emulation Module


  • Some previous experience with Logic Analyzer is preferred. Attendees must have an understanding of basic digital circuit theory. Some knowledge of software concepts is helpful but not required.


  • Day 1
  • Introduction to Logic Analysis with the 16700A Logic Analyzer
    • State and timing analyzer basics
    • Probing, acquisition and analysis overview
  • Intermediate Logic Analyzer Concepts
    • Trigger overview
    • Analyzer basics
  • Advanced Logic Analysis
    • Using Symbols
    • Storage Qualification
    • Mixed Mode (analog and digital) domain analysis
    • Network Connectivity
  • Day 2
  • Advanced Logic Analysis
    • Triggering and Storage
    • Introduction to Microprocessor Analysis
    • Symbols and Filters for Post Processing and Analysis
    • Pattern Generation to emulate missing components
    • "Putting it all together" - Analog, State and Timing analysis for System Debug
    • Probing issues in Today's design

Где и когда

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Advanced Performance Logic Analysis Techniques 

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