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Six Reasons Your New Medical IoT Device Will Fail

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You have carefully completed the Design, Build and Test Phases of your new wireless IoT device. Your testing in the lab shows that it meets applicable FCC radio standards, it can connect to the wireless router at your test bench, and even connect to the site wireless Access Point in the office area. But what if your device gets into customer hands and fails to live up to expectations? What did you forget to test? Why does it work so well in the lab, and so badly out in the “real world”?

There could be several reasons, all having to do with the difference between your lab and test conditions and the environment in which the device finds itself after the final manufacturing test.

Join us as we discuss solutions to these problems using comprehensive testing with mixed traffic types, variable traffic loads, multiple APs, simulated handoffs, expected interference and other situations that go beyond compliance testing. Keysight has the tools and solutions to help you ensure that when your darling new device leaves the nest, it is prepared for the actual conditions it will find in the world. This is especially true of medical environments, but with billions of IoT devices in the world, and growing at over 30% per year, it’s a jungle out there!


Medical device manufacturers, technicians who service medical electronic equipment, R&D, and design validation.


Chris Kelly, Senior Applications Engineer, Keysight Technologies

Chris Kelly is an Applications Engineer with Keysight Technologies in Loveland, Colorado. Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Mexico, and Master of Science in Computer Science from Colorado State University, with emphasis on Operating Systems and Computer Architecture.

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