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Addressing New SAS-4 Transmitter and Receiver Test Challenges Webcast

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Serial Attached SCSI – 4 (SAS-4) is the next generation enterprise storage interface that doubles the data throughput from the current SAS-3 standard. SAS-4 has an effective data throughput of 24 Gb/s, and it operates at 22.5 GBaud using a 128b/150b coding scheme that includes Forward Error Correction (FEC). The SAS-4 specification leverages the OIF-CEI 3.1 specification, and present new transmitter and receiver test requirements that deviates from the previous generation SAS standards. For example, the receiver stress signal calibration is no longer based on waveform analysis of the actual stress signal with simulation of a reference receiver characteristic but instead based on a calibration of a transmitter signal of the test equipment and worst case compliant channel. This webcast will provide details to the changes and challenges to testing the new requirements and the solutions to address them.


Design engineers, signal integrity engineers, quality engineers, validation engineers, test engineers, architects, project managers, program managers, application managers, and application engineers.


Min-Jie Chong, Product Manager and Planner, Keysight Technologies

Min-Jie Chong is the Keysight Technologies product manager and planner for Storage (SATA/SAS) technology test solutions. Min-Jie is a contributor to the SATA and SAS PHY Working Group for the past 8 years. He has completed 14 years working for Keysight. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Malaysia and obtained his post-graduate degree in MBA at University of Colorado.


Thorsten Goetzelmann, RX Test Marketing Engineer, Keysight Technologies

Thorsten graduated as an Engineer in Precision Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen, Germany in 2001. He joined Agilent Technologies in 2000, first in manufacturing for optical test equipment and since November 2004, in marketing for bit error ratio testers (BERTs). Now with Keysight Technologies, he is currently a Marketing Engineer specializing in receiver testing for computer bus applications.

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